Info on getting rid of thc in your system naturally....?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Jah-Red, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Jah-Red

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    thanks sec.. i know that .. but was just wondering if those would be effective...

    Probably the biggest opportunity of my life. SO im looking to get every advantage, (if it wont make it worse)
  2. Explicit

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    Do not use Yellow Jackets. They are a natural stimulant used for truckers and whoever else might need to stay awake for a long drive. They are not blended for fat burning and are not the best option if you are looking for some sort of Ephedra/Caffiene aid to fat burning.

    What you do want is what is called an ECA stack. The name is an acronym for Ephedra Caffiene and Aspirin. It is the most effective all natural stimulant combo you can use. You have to buy the three of them seperate but it's usually cheaper than any brand name version of these such as Stacker 2 or Hydroxycut or the others. The brand name all natural stimulant fat burners have a ton of other shit in them that you don't need. They pump them full of ingredients to hype them up and make them look better then the others. I'm getting off track though. You'll have to order the ephedra and caffiene online to get them at the right dosages and to get ephedra as it's only available in ehpedrine HCL form now and supplement stores don't touch it anymore with the threats they get from the government. Bulk Nutrition - Retail Nutritional Supplements, Bodybuilding and Fitness Articles, and Bulk Specialty Powders! is the best online supplement store around. Use their search feature and just search the two individually, Ephedrine and caffiene. You should find atleast 1 brand of ephedrine HCL 25mg's per tablet and Caffiene 200mg per tablet. Pick up one of each. Then you just need to buy a bottle of aspirin but you need to get the 81mg aspirin used to thin blood by people with heart problems. The aspirin that is dosed for daily usage.

    The proper way you would want to use this is to take 1 tablet of each, Ephedrine HCL 25mg, Caffiene 200mg, and Aspirin 81mg, 3 times a day preferably with meals but my stomach can handle them with just liquids. Do this for as long as you can (one month maximum, for effectiveness purposes not health) leading up to when you want/need to be clean save that you want to discontinue fat burning 4-5 days prior to your test so stop taking these around 5 days before the test. That's the best way I can describe your time table without getting in to specifics that would require knowing when you need/want to be clean. Just to give you the info if you happen to be interested in using this in general you would take them for one month and then take a month off from them. You'd continue to use them in this manner until goals are reached, one month on one month off one month on and so on.

    To answer another question posed by yourself, the absolute best way to burn fat is what's called AM cardio. This isn't just a cardiovascular work out but rather easier and under specific conditions. The only time in the day where you can truly burn stored fat through cardio is right after you wake up. After fasting for 6-10 hours, however long you sleep, your body will have cleared your stomach of all nutritionally useful stuff and you will be left to burn what you are made of for energy. Unfortunately the obvious idea of running is not the answer though as you have more than just fat to burn. Running actually causes your body to burn muscle as it is too demanding and in this situation/state your body will burn the protein in your muscle for energy if you run. What you want to do is either walk or use an eliptical machine to work out. By walk I do mean a brisk walk that makes you breath heavy, but short of jogging or running. When you wake up don't waste much time, go drink a glass or two of water, if you are taking an ECA stack take your 1st dose of the day, and then head off to wherev you can accomplish your AM cardio wether it's a gym or just outside or in your basement. You want to do a minimum of 45 minutes of walking to really burn stored fat. Otherwise you'll be stopping before your metabolism really gets started. 60 minutes plus would be the real ideal to shoot for though. After you are done your walk wait 45-60 minutes before your first meal. This will give your body time to keep on cranking away at the stored fat, but waiting too long will drop your metabolism off. If you eat about 1 hour later you will keep your metabolism rolling for the day. Try to do this 5 days a week if you can. If you don't work out though you may need more days to recover from the leg burn you'll get. If so just take a day off if you need to let your calves and thighs recover and your stamina will grow until you can hit 5 days a week. You'll actually find this helps you feel great through out the day. It gives you energy and gets you pumped for lack of a better word. I hope you get addicted and keep it up after using it for THC clean up but that's a whole different deal all together.

    Feel free to ask anymore questions related to the subject. We could get in to the topic of eating 4-5 smaller meals per day instead of the usual 2-3 large ones. Or the fact that lifting weights on top of AM cardio will burn even more fat. Or your actual diet itself.
  3. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    I Have Been 50 Days Smoke Free Now. I Only Smoke Cigarettes. Will That Harm My Recovery Time? Im 118lbs And Im Still Positive. I Startd Exercising 2 Wks Ago ( 2-3 X A Wk). What Else Can I Do And How Much Longer Do I Have To Wait?
  4. Sanity

    Sanity New Member

    Still dirty? How much did you smoke before the clean time?
  5. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    still dirty

    i smoked at least 2-3 of the big ones a day-chronic smoker. i dont want any cover ups just want to get this mess out of my system naturally. i lost a job that i was at for many, many years and now i have to sit my a-- at home until im clean. x-mas is coming up and time is running out. i think i exercised so much last week that i actually sprained a muscle in my stomach-i exercised for only 30-45 minutes. should i just walk or to different forms of aerobics? i am in desparate need of some advice. pls respond!!!!!!!!!
  6. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    need help

    so, if i was to exercise this morning and give myself a home thc test tomorrow, it would be a waist of time? i am 50 days smoke free and the stuff is still in my system. my urine was just checked thursday and i am still positive. is it all just a waiting game? i am 118 lbs and i havent exercised for about 4 days now. can somebody help me out here. im not trying to beat a test just want to clear my system. on november 3 it will be 60 days and im not even sure if it will be gone by then. any suggestions?
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    aerobic exercise is best. You don't need to lift heavy weights or tear muscles to get exercise. Walk at a relatively fast pace for about 1/2 hour - 40 minutes per day should increase your metabolism enough.

    You should begin to see the faint line appear on your home tests very soon.

    If you smoke cigarettes, are very much out of shape or both, it is best to get a doctors opinion before beginning any exercise regimen. That way, you don't have a heart attack or stroke while on your walk.
  8. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    Its me again. I need some honest advice from anyone who can give it to me. I am now 62 days clean. ON Sept 28, my thc level was 20 at 25 days smoke free. My thc level was checked again on monday Oct 30th ( at 57 days clean) and it was a 6 -----the legal cut of is 5. Can anyone give me some advice regarding how long it will take for my level to drop from 6 to 5? What should or should I not do to help the process? I have been jobless for an entire month now and im ready to go back to work. PLEASE HELP ME

    PS. When i test myself, i still get a faint line. thats crazy when my level is only a 6!!!!!! Pls respond ASAP!
  9. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I know you want to pass on "your own", but seriously, consider dilution. I have no idea where or why you are being tested at such low levels, but apparently your prospective employer is anal about drugs (or drug free employees).

    Read up on the dilution. If you are only one point away, and that can vary from minute to minute, you could drink one glass of water and be under the cutoff (theoretically).
  10. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    At the place where i was employed, there cut off was 15 and I was a 20--so, that caused me to terminated. But when she retested me on this monday, my level was 6. She said the legal cut off is 5. I will read up on dilution. My problem is--I am a new grad and I dont want to go to another job and get reported again. That wouldnt be a good thing. Thank you. ( my thank you box is gone). Pls respond to this reply
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, she blew smoke up your ass. There is no "legal cutoff". The employer can set the cut off at whatever number she wants, and unless she is testing at the Lowest Detectable Level, which is very rare, there would be no way to know you are a 6. Most employers use 15 as the cutoff of the GC/MS (the confirmatory process for drug testing).

    The difference between having 6 ng/mL in your urine and having 4 ng/mL of THC in your urine is drinking roughly 4 ounces of water before you peed.
    It is virtually nothing. If you were a six 4 days ago, you could just drink 3 glasses (24 ounces) of gatorade starting 2 hours before test time, and finishing the last of it just prior to taking the test, Peeing at least once during that time and you should be able to pass no problem. You should be able to pass without any aid now.

    You do have a right to request a copy of your test results if you don't already have them. Any employee is entitled to a copy of their personnel files upon request. The employer can make you put your request in writing, but they must produce a copy of the file. If I were you, I would ask for a copy of your past test results.

    Are you testing yourself or are you getting these numbers from what the employer is telling you?

    Just something for you to think about.
  12. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    ive done my reading on dilution-help!

    Sec (or anyone else who is reading this post),
    they say drinking everyday doesnt do anything-only the day of the test-is that true? some say gatorade, some say powerade. Does it matter? Since im only a 6, you do recommend 4 aspirin every 4hrs? i have some b vitamins, how many would you suggest I take? Im going to look for a job on monday. F**k it. im tired of sitting at home. pls respond!;)
  13. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    I promise, this is what she told me. i know her really well and i saw my first results-20. although i was terminated, she told me i could come back in and do another test and she would send it off to the lab again to check my levels once more--that is when she called and told me my level was 6. When I went into her office on monday, my line was faint at 6. so you say it is safe to go ahead and find a job?
    Im also being tested by my drug counselor and my last test (yesteday) was faint. Im trippin out.
  14. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I have no idea what you are talking about when you say "your line was faint at 6". the numbers I was talking about were your actual THC levels found by Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry method used for determining a quantitative level in your urine. You are talking about some silly interpretation on an instant test. If you were terminated due to the instant "screen" and the employer did not send the test in for confirmation testing by a laboratory, you possible have a suit against the employer. I have seen levels higher than 300 before on a lab test. The lowest I have ever seen on a lab test is 35 ng/mL. I am not even sure how that one made it past the immunoassay test to the GC/MS, but it did. There are no "lines" on a lab test. You get quantitative values, not indicative interpretation on a color chart or visible lines.

    Even in the instructions (the package insert) that comes with the instant tests, it clearly states that any line, not matter how faint or pronounced, should be interpreted as a negative.

    Is your #6 on a scale of 10 or what? If I were you, I would demand a lab test because I am certain if you have not smoked or used marijuana in as long as you say, you would pass with absolutely no problems what-so-ever.

    Do yourelf a favor and get a laboratory test done on yourself. You will see that you are negative.

    BTW, why are you seeing a drug counselor? Is it due to the failed 'screen" at the employer's?
    Like I said, you might have cause for action there. There is a reason that instant type of testing are officially called "screening" and the laboratory tests are called "tests". Also, the instant tests, when they aren't definetly negative, cannot be called "positive", instead they are called "Non-negative" until a lab test can confirm the results.

    I thinkyou are confusing a screening done with an instant device and a lab test done at a DHHS certified laboratory with MRO review.
  15. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    im sorry for not naking myself clear- will clarify...

    What I meant to say was, the last time I peed in the cup, a faint line appeared. When the lab results came back, she said I was a 6-so sorry for the confusion. that is why i said my line was faint at 6.

    When i had my first pee test in the cup, no line appeared at all (at 25 days smoke free). MY employer said she had to send my urine off to the lab and if it came back with thc in my system, then they would have to terminate me.

    Well, when the results came back, it was 20 ( like i mentioned earlier, I actually saw the results from the lab company on paper). because I am a new grad, i was advised to go see a drug counselor just in case I had to go up against the state board --just to let the board know that I do care about my liscence and that I am trying to do whatever it takes to help/better myself. This was something that was completely my choice.

    The second time i peed in the cup, a faint line appeared ( at 57 days smoke free-or what ever number I mentioned earlier). My employer then said she would send my urine off to the lab once again because she was curious to see what my levels were--this was something that she did out of the kindness of her heart. she stated that she couldnt tell me why my line was faint because the results that she was used to seeing was either a dark line or no line at all. when my levels came back from the lab, she stated that i was a 6.

    She told me to keep drinking water and I should be ok by the middle of next week. Why then did she mention 5 was the legal cut off? I guess i didnt ask her enough questions or maybe I misunderstood her. At that place of employment, the cut off from the lab was 15 and I was off by 5.

    Come monday, im gonna go job hunting. Christmas is coming up and I need some cash flowing in. Im gonna take your advice and drink some gatorade the day of the test.


    Pls respond back at your earliest convience. :angel: :kiss:
  16. tattat1911

    tattat1911 New Member

    Ok, im going job hunting in the morning

    Tomorrow is a big day for me. 63 days smoke free and Im finally gonna go look for a job. Something Ive been longing for for quite some time now. i have my powerade and im gonna take my 4 aspirin just in case they pop a wammy on me. I want to be extra careful, although if they do decide to send my urine off to the lab, I will be lower than a 15. Right now I am sitting at a 6(it could possibly lower than that because I was a 6 last monday) so either way I should still be in the clear. Is taking 4 325mg of aspirin to much or should I go and buy the baby aspirin(91mg)?

    Im looking for a little extra advice form anyone that is very knowledgeable on this subject. Pls respond A.S.A.P. :wave:
  17. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Take the 4 (325mg) aspirins. As long as you don't have a bleeding ulcer you should be fine.
  18. jigjag69

    jigjag69 New Member

    can you explain this asprin thing please?

    has anyone thought of taking thyroid supplements.....some that people would take for hypthyroidism?

    it may speed up the metabolism
  19. TkiWonder

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    I have a very high metabolic rate and I smoke EVERYDAY, have been for a few months. In less than 48 hours I got all the THC out.. Water, drink till you piss in your sleep. Run, a lot. More than you think you can, and then.. run some more. I ran 4 miles in the morning, sat in the sauna, drank water. Then later in the day ran 5 miles, worked out, ran another 2 miles, drank water, sat in the sauna and boooom!! THC gone. The idea is to burn the fat cells, because that's where the THC rests or sits, then afterwards once it's been burnt up it's released in your bloodstream, you either sweat it out or pee it out. Water will help to a certain degree, it's not like you drink 50000 gallons of water and it's gone. No it's still in the fat cells, BURN the fat at any cost, higher intensity of a workout helps, do something you think you'd never be able to do and don't stop. If you can't get THC out in a month? Or even a week? Don't try this then, you'll fail your test. P.S., sorry fat people this doesn't apply to you. Honestly, it won't work. You'd need 50 days of this, I have %4.5 body fat, I'm a skinny mini, base your workout off what you believe to be the difference in fatty and skinny.

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