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    i understand all the stuff about getting clean. I have sweated many times the same that most of you are or have...
    here is the timeline for me at the most recent stages. i quit around Halloween due to my company starting random testing.
    I have been an avid smoke for 10 yearsr, about 1/4 every 10 days.
    I am heavier, about 200 lbs, 5-11
    I dont exercise at all, but i do drink about 2 or 3 liters of water a day.
    I dont watch what i eat at all, but i do try to eat healthy. No mcdonalds and what not though!

    as of 10/31, i had cut down a bit but never completely stopped.
    11/1- i quit
    as of 11/13, i had stopped for about 10 days to start getting clean, then Blk ops 2 came out, i got high. Actually i was really high!! :)

    smoked a little the next day 11/14 as well. I then smoked once a week, just a few hits every week there after. 11/13/11/20 and 11/27.
    I sent in a a test to first check, (which i highly recommend if you want to know your levels)

    Here s the timeline:
    Mailed a test on 11/16
    received on 11/27 - 34NG - 204804493 -
    Took another test on 12/3 to see where i was

    12/10 - got the results today. The test was negative. 204541971

    so do me a favor and smoke one for me if you can, otherwise, keep at it!!

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