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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Amanda.newbie, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Amanda.newbie

    Amanda.newbie New Member

    I drank this drink today. And have approximately a week n a half before a drug test. Does this drink clean ur system completely or for just a couple hours? And I going to be clean???
  2. bigman1234

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    No that drink is trash... You gotta tell us more about you personal situation before we can tell you if you will be clean.. When the last time you smoked? How often? Poetency? and height and weight
  3. Amanda.newbie

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    Used to smoke every day, dank. Stopped for about a month. Got drug tested on like April 4th Haven't heard anything from that one to no if I passed. But my friend gave me that drink n said it worked so I smoked a few times from April 8 and yesterday. Dank buds. I'm 5 2 weigh like 103. No body fat rly. I've always had a fast metabolism. I can get drug tested anywhere from April 28-may 6th

    Did u get that last message? Idk if it sent haha

    I used to smoke everyday pretty much dank bud everytime. I stopped for about a month n got drug tested on April 4. This girl gave me that drink n said it work so I smoked a few times from April 8 till the 18th n drank th drink yesterday. I can get drug tested again anywhere from April 28-may 16. I'm 5 2 and weigh lik 105. W like No body fat

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  4. bigman1234

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    Well its prob going to take you anywhere from 14 to 24 days to get clean.. That drink was prob a masking drink that you are supposed to drink before the test, but 95% of those are no good.. So you hope its closer to May 6th.. I would buy you a at home test about ten days from now and see if you can pass it.. If not I would read up on Stickys Dillution on the top of the forum page
  5. Amanda.newbie

    Amanda.newbie New Member

    Alright, so do u think if I drink alot of water and take the vitamin b12, some water pills, and exercise I'll be good?
  6. 1406

    1406 Retired

    I'm assuming this is a urine test, not a hair follicle test or blood test?

    The general rule of thumb for drug tests is 3 days for blood, >30 for urine, and 90 for hair. Obviously the more heavily you smoke the more nanograms of THC will have built up in your system; I have also read the higher your body fat % the longer a drug test will detect THC metabolites.

    Good luck; you shouldn't have a problem passing.
  7. DrugTestDave

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    Did the drink come with instructions.
    Generally single application products cleanse your digestive system for a short while and the toxins generally seep back in from your blood sometimes within a few hours.
    Take a look at the time tables posted in the guide as far as estimates for various toxins to leave your body on their own.

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