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    Hey guys im new to both smoking weed and this website so this is my first thread. im gunna use it as an introduction but i also wanted to share my story of the first time i ever smoked weed. sorry if this is a little long. also if you have any pointers or comments or anything to say obviously feel free.
    Introduction: im 14
    now that the introduction is over with on with the story ;)
    So ive been trying to get high for a while not to be cool or anything but ive done alot of research and i really want to try it to know what its like. my cousin used to be anti weed but i been talking to him about it and he started to like the idea and he decided he wanted to try it. he couldnt wait to try it but we wanted to do it together. since we both never tried it we want to lose our weedginity together. he lives in arizona and i live in florida but i was already going on vacation to arizona. and luckily i have a friend over there who has weed and he smokes every once in a while. everything was falling into place.

    so we all met at the mall and he told us he had the stuff so we got my homemade steam roller and we went under this tunnel nearby. he only had about a half gram of regular kush. i didnt think it would be enough for all three of us but he insisted it was super dank and was enough. we loaded the bowl and since my friend brought the weed he took the first hit. he let out a little cloud of smoke. then i took a huge hit held it in and let out a huge cloud of smoke. even my friend whos been smoking for a while was impressed. then we passed it to my cousin. he didnt really know how to hit it . his first 3 hits were pretty much wasted and he almost inhaled no smoke. a few more rotations happened and my cousin started to get the hang of it. after about 3 hits in only around 8 minutes i was worried because i didnt feel high. by the time the steam roller came around again i was flapping my arms like wings because it felt wierd and i had a body high. two rotations later i passed it to my cousin and while he took his hit me and my friend ran outside to check eachothers eyes. we ran but i had the most intense body high i felt like i was 50 lbs heavier and i had pretty much no balance constantly feeling like i was gunna fall. it was a nice high and i probably should have stopped there but i didn't we ran back inside and continued the rotation a few rotations later i was way high and i kept rubbing my face saying "I smoked way too much i need to stop oh my god im too high" i never thought it would happen to me since i read about it but i had that im gunna die feeling. but i still continued i said "one more hit" about three times and we all decided we were done and we were high enough.
    we then left the tunnel and started walking down the street. i could barely walk. my vision was delayed and when i walked i was leaning and couldnt walk straight. i also felt a pressure pushing in on the side of my head. we started walking down the street fucked up as can be. we decided we would get a pizza before crossing the street to go to the mall cause the munchies were kicking in. we went to the back of the pizza joint to the bathroom. me and my friend eyes were very read and swolen. also this janitor came in and said "these fucking people shit outside the toilet these people are fucking pigs" idk why he wanted to talk to us but he did. i waas too messed up to talk so my friend ordered it at this point i was gettting mad cotton mouth could barely speak or walk too. i paid for the pizza and we sat down. we argued over who would go get the pizza when it was ready. obviously we used last nose goes haha and my cousin had to get it. after the pizza came i just wanted to sleep and i was neasues so i couldn't even eat. my friend woke me up everytime i was closing my eyes so i wouldn't pass out. he kept saying "eat eat it will help sober you up and make you feel better". i tried taking a bite but the cotton mouth was so bad i couldn't swallow and it just made me super nauseous. and there was these people at another table who kept watching us i was getting paranoid and my cousin not helping started telling me the court of owls was watching me and they know what i'm doing and they want to kill me. the people were looking at us then they called some employees over. we were getting scared but it turned out to be a false alarm. they were just talking about some kids causing trouble. anyway i told my friend and cousin i felt like throwing up for a while but we didnt really pay attention. i almost fell asleep a couple times. after i ate some pizza i felt right on the edge of puking . then i did i puked into this little snack box. then as i got up to tell someone, i puked on the floor again. we decided to just bail and they would figure it out.i felt bad for that janitor though. we got outside to the cross walk and we pushed the button i was so high i forgot we had to wait for the light to change so i started to cross when there was a ton of cars but my friend held me back and i kinda snapped out of it. we got inside and we decide we needed to watch a movie because i was soo tired and we all just wanted to sit. we went to the movies and watched men in black 3. i put up some armrests laid down and i passed out. i woke up about half way thorugh the movie (i cant remember any of it) and after the movie was over i felt like eating so i got a cinnabon. we went to chill on the couch at zoomies and eat my cinnabon. me and my friend were pretty high still but my cousin was coming down. we hung around the mall and me and my cousin went back to his dads restaurant and my friend got picked up. me and my cousin just chilled there until we came down. it was a fun experience and even though i puked twice i would do it again because it just felt good being that high. reply with anything you have to say :rasta:
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    No replies :/
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    Well first of all welcome to the life of marijuana! And it takes some time for ppl to answer threads sometimes just as long as u make it interesting. it's good that u enjoyed the high bug u threw up so that kinda six:/ bit anyway wat kind of kush was it
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    *but u threw up an it kinda sux but anyway
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    He said it was just regular kush? It smelled like a skunk pissed all over it though haha idk if that how it normally smells. And I was high for a pretty long time
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    Sounds like a good time lol I love smoking and walking around.When me and my friend first stated smoking like 5 years ago me,my friend and another kid we were chilling with where in our dealers car (he was one of those rich white kids who thought he was black lol so glad he isn't my dealer anymore) and had a tricked out car (that im sure cost quite a bit of his parents money)and we where boxing in it and the kid who was with us it was his first time smoking and he hit the blunt a little to hard and threw up all over the back seat of his car lol me and my friend were laughing so hard we couldn't breath lol.Maybe next time when you feel like your high enough just stop no one likes to be to baked lol.

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