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  1. ChipotlAway

    ChipotlAway New Member

    Whenever I get really high, and often times when I'm toking alone I always start analyzing my thoughts. Like I'll start thinking of why I think a certain way, and what kind of thought process is unique to me. Even though it sounds kind of dumb, I feel like I sort of understand myself better because of it :rolleyes: haha. Also I try thinking of how other people might think, through my observations of how they act. To me it's really interesting because it's a recurring "high topic" that I love thinking about. I was wondrering if anyone else has this when baked, or if I'm just crazy.
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  2. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    Don't think about thinking, just think. There are times when this can cause what we call joint lag.
  3. SpiralSpindle

    SpiralSpindle Sr. Member

    I do this often as well. Well actually all the time. Doesn't matter what state of mind I'm in, but my mind is always running, thinking about thinking.

    Metacognition ~ Big word of the day, check it.
  4. Nepo

    Nepo Sr. Member

    That's awesome. It has happened to me too. I love how marijuana makes mindfulness so much easier.
  5. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    thats pretty much how I am most of the time, high or not. It's kind of a problem actually...but i'm working on it
  6. ChipotlAway

    ChipotlAway New Member

    For me it's not uncontrollable.... most of the time. I can kind of snap out of it and do other stuff/think about other stuff. I enjoy thinking about thinking, though if I cant stop it can be annoying.
  7. Scoobie-Doobie

    Scoobie-Doobie New Member

    I mostly do that when im high or when im trying to get asleep

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