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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by gfish15, May 17, 2009.

  1. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    I have not been around these parts for a while but though you guys could gain from this.
    I-inhale/Iolite vaporizer review

    Let me start by saying i have been vaporizing for over a year now and have tried quite a few products. i have never used a portable vaporizer before this one so i will not be comparing it to other portable vaporizers

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review i will try and make it as organized as possible.

    Lets start with the Cons
    the unit is rather noisy, if there is back ground noise it is not a big deal at all

    The plastic mouthpiece gets rather warm after extended use.

    The cost of the unit although it is revolutionary and an amazing product 250-300 dollars is a little steep but trust me once you use it you will be sold.

    now we go to the pro's
    This unit is amazingly compact and portable it runs completely on butane so there are no batteries. The unit is very light and does not look incriminating.

    This unit is very efficient i had .3 grams of ground medical grade cannabis and packed two .15 gram bowls with this vaporizer got me and 3 friends pretty high. the best part is after I vaped in the I-inhale vaporizer i packed my vapor brothers vaporizer with the same bud just at a higher temp and got a quite a few more hits out of it.

    They spent a lot of time on this product it is really amazing and completely worth the price i would say one of the most effective and efficient vaporizers i have ever used.

    Thank you again for reading this review if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    i apologize i do not have a camera at the moment so i cannot ad pictures i'm sorry about that.
    Sincerely GFish15
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  2. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Thanks for the review GFish!

    It is a great product, lots of vaporists are giving the Iolite/Iinhale serious accolades. I'm actually thinking of getting one myself for summer travels.

    If anyone is interested in reading more, here is the official Iolite/Iinhale thread at FuckCombustion (a serious vaporizer forum). More information than you can shake a stick at!!!

    Here is what they look like if anyone is curious;
  3. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    thank you architect i have always been a fan on your reviews and they are truly amazing products i use mine in the movie theaters with whip tubing and just leave it in my pocket and run the tubing through my shirt or jacket if there is no one sitting next to you it is amazing.

    you can do so much with these things they are great.

    you can also fill a fast food cup with paper and put the Iolite vaporizer in the cup and have the mouth piece stick up as a straw.

    they are amazing very stealthy and one of my favorite investments.
  4. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Yep, I've heard a lot of people successfully vaping in movie theaters or in other public places (cafes, etc.). It's something that appeals to me (who doesn't want to toke while eating/entertainment), but I'm still that Paranoid Android so would probably just toke before hand...

    The Big Cup idea is fucking sweet though. :cool: Totally inconspicuous -- except for that wonderful flowery smell.....hehe.

    :) Thanks.

    How about loading it in the dark? Is that difficult?
  5. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    um loading it in the dark might be a little difficult it is very simple because the bowl can use as a scooper so if you have pre ground bud it would be some what easy i have never done it i have always packed my bowls before hand and just started in the movie theater.

    and the I-inhale barley gives off a smell at all it is remarkable me and my friend vaped for 2 hours in my friends room and his mom came in right after we finished and did not say a thing (i am over 18 and so is he we just still live with our parents because we are college students and shit is expensive in cali)
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  6. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Glad you like your new vape. It's what I use as a portable too.

    Have you used the mouthpiece extension? That adds another 2". A lot of people are also using some vape tubing to add cooling length. I use about 4". It works well and gives some stealth as it looks like a straw.

    You can always find this one for under $250 online if you shop around. Under $200 on eBay.

    For those who aren't familiar with it, they use a catalytic process-butane but no flame. The company has a long history of making gas powered tools.
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  7. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    thanks you 5drive yes i do use vaporizer tubing to cool it down but not all the time.

    i purchased mine at a local head shop and was 250 dollars + tax

    im glad you enjoy your vaporizer as well they really are an amazing product.
  8. Auralis

    Auralis New Member

    I know I'm going against the grain here, but I am very much *not* a fan of the I-inhale/IOLite vaporizers. I've used one about 10 or so times and found that the temperature was simply not high enough, the unit got very hot, and in the end I still wasn't high. The same amount of weed in my Herbalaire or a standard whip vape would do a much better job, IMO.

    Perhaps it's a bum unit, but keep in mind that this thing is not going to hit like a normal, non-portable vaporizer. It is good on the go, of course, but as a primary unit it falls short.
  9. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    i am not saying what you are saying is false but i have to disagree i love this unit and i believe it is very efficient.

    it is very good for portable but i enjoy it and use it alot even in my home
  10. Steelblue

    Steelblue New Member

    Great little unit, I'm loving it after just one week
  11. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    it really is an amazing unit. im glad your loving it.
  12. TYSM

    TYSM New Member

    My 2 cents

    Ive been using mine for a few months now, but really its major major flaw is the fact that you dont get high enough. Which sort of defeats the main purpose.

    Lets face it, it takes 2-3 minutes to burn and smoke a 500mg bowl of weed if you torched the whole thing and shared with friends etc, but the same amount of weed in the iolite will last as long as 20 minutes or more, but even tho it is a more efficient usage of same amount of weed, it gets distributed to you in small bursts over the course of as before, 20 min or so.
    So, in reality, by the time you start consuming all your efficient weed vapor, you are already coming off the high, which was not that big in the first place.

    I usually get a...confused dopey mind numb feling when vaping, it does impair me a bit, and its not as awesome as smoking up.

    And im not entirely sure it vaporizes all the weed off the bud. I dont think it does, or should get hotter.

  13. TYSM

    TYSM New Member

    Oh yeah,

    Id also like to add that even tho it seems like you dont get proper hits when inhaling, the best way to check is taking a nice big hoot and blowing it out under a strong light source. That way you can see a nice cloud and see if you actually are getting a hit or not. Its usualyl pretty hard to see in the day light.

    The first 2 or 3 hits I get I usually exhale a pretty impressive vapor cloud, the reason you cant feel it is due to the lack of heat, and chemicals I would imagine. But taste, yeah its quite nicer for sure.

    Also, I think this thing is bets used solo. In group of 2 or more it just wont keep up.:(
  14. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    If you've never used a fixed temp vape you may be used to higher temps. I've got both types, and with leftovers from the iolite or PD I can crank up the SSV's temp (or herbalAire) and get a few more hits. As for the high, I get plenty of it from this vape. But I also know the difference between the high and low temp highs, and usually prefer the latter. A good part of the extra effect from higher temps is due to increased amounts of various toxins.

    While it's not a typical home vape, it does have a good size bowl and can provide some nice hits. My preferred vape is the Purple-Days, with a much smaller bowl than the io, so I would disagree that the io falls short as a primary vape. Big hits are not #1 on everyone's list. If my budget was restricted to one vape and I really wanted portability, I could certainly live with the iolite. Its niche is certainly as a stealth portable though. I very rarely use it at home.

    But since it's kind of rare to hear someone who's familiar with a few different vapes complain about the iolite, you may have a defective unit. Is your ABV a nice medium brown?
  15. Outkasted

    Outkasted New Member

    I've been trying to get this bastard to work for like 2 hours, it WILL NOT glow orange, it's starting to really piss me off. $250, and I get a goddamn butane waster...

    *Edit - Of coarse it works right after I get mad enough to post about it.... I hope I continue to have luck with it, I'll post impressions in a bit.

    Well after the ordeal of trying to get this thing to work properly, I was pretty stressed out. I am no longer stressed out... I am now quite impressed with the iolite. I like the quick heat up time, and the automatic reheat seems pretty impressive. The unit does border uncomfortable when it heats up, but it never burned my hand. I only loaded about .2g, my draws were not very thick, and I was exhaling hardly any visible vapors. The herb did vape quite well though, and looks fairly done. If I were to put it into my Vapir I could probably get a bag out of it if I really roasted it, but I have no problem pitching this stuff. I like the extra's that came with the unit, some cleaning tools, extra screens, and a pretty nice padded carry case. It's compact, light, and looks sweet (I got a lime green model). At $250, I was a little reluctant to hand over the cash, but if it starts to work right consistantly, I would consider it a sound investment towards my personal entertainment. I wish I could give this a 9/10, but I did screw with it for quite a while before it worked, so I would have to rate it 6/10 for now.
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  16. TYSM

    TYSM New Member

    So...what went wrong originally?
  17. Outkasted

    Outkasted New Member

    Who knows, I tried to fire it up this morn with no luck, I think I'm going to try to take it back today, but I would imagine I'm going to have to fuck around with sending it back to the manufacturer, which really sucks as I want to just use the device.:soapbox:
  18. Outkasted

    Outkasted New Member

    Well me and some friends went back to the place I got it but it was closed early for a jazz fest. Luckily, we hung out in the lot just messing with it trying to get it to work, and the owner came out and asked if I was happy with it, well I told him what was up and he took it inside and came back out like ten minutes later and handed me it, told me it would work. I was like WTF... but he told me he replaced the internals, and now it should be all good. It looks like he just grabbed me a new one, but who knows. It's working every time and I'm pretty stoked about it. (Buy from locals!):D
  19. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Some iolite dealers are replacing defective units and some are referring owners to iolite for warranty service. Since they're made in Ireland, and service/replacement could take a while, it may be worth it to find out if the reseller will do warranty replacement (I guarantee the guy didn't replace "the internals"-he may have switched your herb chamber and mouthpiece onto a new unit at most).

    As for buying locally, better pricing is available online. Vaporstore and Gotvape are honoring warranties (probably Vapenow too, although I haven't checked), and discounts are available from Vaporstore, Vapenow and some other dealers. You can get one for about $156 from grasscity through July 15th with 'survey 420' as a coupon code. They're going for $190 or a little less on eBay with Best Offer auctions. There's a good bit of mark-up on this vape and good deals can be had if you shop around.
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  20. 2xJones

    2xJones New Member

    I am thinking of looking at one of these units that someone is tying to sell ("used once"). What are the issues to look for with this vape? If it glows orange after you click it on, should I assume its good to go?

    Edit: OK, sealed the deal and I am now the proud owner. Dang thing heats up quick!! Too bad I can't use it until after my UA :(

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