Iron City, Tennessee: A Cry for Help – Legalize, Regulate, Educate and Medicate

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    For those that exist on a slightly elevated plane in the great state of Tennessee, who would like to see marijuana treated in a more sensible manner please join "A Cry for Help" as they reach out in an attempt to raise awareness of the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana. Supporting safe and legal access in Tennessee and the surrounding states.

    Where: Sycamore Campground, Iron City, Tennessee​
    When: Saturday, September 28 beginning at 10 AM​
    Address: 2 Railroad Bed Road, Iron City, TN 38463​
    Why is this important?​
    40% of the United States have already discovered that the only way to change marijuana laws are through the legislative process – and Tennessee's sick and suffering hope to be next. Since the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives only meet every two years, organizing early, to come out strong is a primary focus.​
    Passing progressive legislation is difficult even in an alt-lifestyle supporting state…let alone in one that still views "interracial marriage as illegal."​

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