Is cannabis indica illegal?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by ThePredator, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. ThePredator

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    I have always heard marajuana defined as any part of the plant cannabis satvia (thats what it said on the drug scheduling but the version I read might have been outdated). So would cannabis indica or cannabis rheuderalis be illegal?

    Here they say its only cannabis sativa
  2. hauptmann

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  3. ThePredator

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    But in all the government sites define marajuana as any part of the cannabic sativa plant, so indica isn't even marijuana. This would make sense because all the pot when the laws were made were satvias from mexico.
  4. Bannor

    Bannor Guest

    From the link:
    The government is with the botanists that think Cannabis Sativa covers all forms of cannabis (indica, sativa, ruderalis) as well as hemp. ;)
  5. gravedigger

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    I grow and use Cannabidae Humulus Lupus. This form of cannabis is more commonly known as hops and I use them when I make India Pale Ales and other hoppy brews.
  6. Yana Usdi

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    I wondered when someone would post something like that, hadn't seen a mention of the old hops and cannabis bit in a long time. People used to try grafting them in some way to find a loophole in the law, never amounted to much more than practice at grafting ;)
  7. gravedigger

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  8. uniquexperience

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    Cannabis Sativa

    Well in 1937 when they introduced the Marijuana Tax Law it specifically stated Cannabis Sativa, but since they had trouble with farmers who were growing Cannabis Americana , an offshoot of Cannabis Indica, the law was expanded to include all forms of cannabis .. even industrial Hemp with less than .05% THC content.. they really did a number on this plant.

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