Is legit?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by rubes, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. rubes

    rubes Guest

    Has anyone ordered from here?
    because they have some mighty nice spoons that I want
  2. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    There are already multiple threads about this. To sum them up: No this company is not legit. They're simply going to rip you off.
  3. 420mike

    420mike New Member

    ive ordered there. i was supposed to get

    was supposed to get this
    i got something resembling this

    mind you it still works..but nothing near what i was supposed to get. its really up to you. the quality of my bong is actually really good, it seems like pretty thick glass. just..yeah. not the same as the pic.
  4. scribbz

    scribbz New Member

    i just ordered from them less than 2 weeks ago. got the exact spoon i ordered. shipping took a few weeks but it was legit. hope this helps =)
  5. rubes

    rubes Guest

    Did your spoon match the ones from the picture pretty well? Im thinking about this blue one
    5 inch Beeline

    or this black one
    Rasta Stripes

    and if I get it I want it to look as alike to the picture as possible
  6. pooty kush

    pooty kush New Member

    wow $60 for a simple pipe like that is crazyy...should be no more than 15....
  7. Mercury LI

    Mercury LI New Member

    Why is that exactly?
  8. Mercury LI

    Mercury LI New Member

  9. pooty kush

    pooty kush New Member

    because its a ripoff
  10. rubes

    rubes Guest

    its on sale for 30
    but im still not getting it
    i want a cooler one
  11. xM1DN1GHT T0K3R

    xM1DN1GHT T0K3R New Member

    I have gotten a steamroller off there before, its legit
  12. scribbz

    scribbz New Member

    I ordered the silver fumed spiral spoon and it was literally exactly what was pictured. I can't vouch for the other items on the site unfortunately but it was pretty hastle free for me.
  13. bongwater001

    bongwater001 New Member

    im only 16, but i have a visa.
    anyone got an idea how i can order one of these under my dads nose?
  14. zEnVy

    zEnVy New Member

    I got a steamroller from there recently. It arrived Thursday, ordered monday not this week or last week but the week before(long wait :/). It doesn't match the picture but it fits the description. Great deal for $20.
  15. T0K3N00B

    T0K3N00B New Member

    To get it stealthily, get enough money for it and put it on a mastercard giftcard and use that.
  16. DemonHunter199

    DemonHunter199 New Member

    I ordered from them. They sent my product. Plain an simple. They were never a rip off, just a bunch of idiots that didn't know how to process the amount of business that came in. But they picked their shit up and its all good now..
  17. bongwater001

    bongwater001 New Member

    Genious! Lol;) thx
  18. blazindaisies

    blazindaisies New Member

    i'm guessing you probably have friends that don't still live with their parents? have it shipped to their house if they're cool with it. : )
  19. iGanja

    iGanja Active Member

    bro honestly not for glass if were talking metal and its over 15 there better be something special about it but glass usually runs 20-40 and 40 is very high end

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