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    Hey everyone, I've read a whole lot on these boards and others before posting. I got an impromptu (and very good) job offer, and was told I need to take a urine test soon, suggested within 48 hours, through Quest Diagnostics.

    I am 5'11", 220 pounds, medium-low metabolism. I am not very active. I used to be a frequent smoker (for the last 4 years), and became a medium/occasional smoker the last year. I stopped smoking completely for November and December. In between Jan 1st-14th I smoked 5-8 times (hard to recall). The last couple times I smoked were very light smoking sessions. I have stopped smoking completely in the last week. I am hoping my 2 months of complete abstinence will contribute to a clean test, but I am worried about those sessions when I started again. How worried should I be about passing?

    After doing much research I think the dilution method would in the best option, considering my funds and time available. What do you guys think? I plan on following N2's suggested method, it seems like there are many success stories, but I am still concerned. I was thinking about drinking a QCarbo on top of the method, just be sure.

    Also, I have been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice for the past 24 hours and plan on continuing to do so until the test. I know everyone says it's really only important for the hours leading up to the test, but I guess I just want to have a continual stream of clean urine. Should I stop this?
    Will drinking the QCarbo hurt or impair N2's dilution method?
    Should I be working out?
    Should I consider substitution or those fake piss kits instead?
    Should I just calm down and follow the dilution method?

    Lastly, they gave me a slip to bring to Quest and told me to go take the test when I can, preferably within 48 hours. I don't want to delay too long as to arouse suspicion, but also if a day or two will buy me a better chance of passing, then it may be worth it. If I take it on Friday it will be 48 hours, but the testing center is closed for the weekend so that would give me 2 more days, but I don't think that would look good. What do you guys think?

    From a cautious smoker who wants reassurance more than anything, thanks.
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    Im KindaiN The Same Boat, Got A Job offer, And Have A test Tommarow, I Stoped Smokin For nov and dec then on xmas shared a blunt with a buddy, then a few day later had sum bowl hit that was abou 25-31 so from then i was clean up till this pass friday i took too hits, now ive been downin water since friday, im pretty big guy slow metabalism, i have no creatine, or gatorade available and only vitamns i have is b 12 so im going to dilute my pe with water, in hope that because this is kinda a favor thing they wont check levels and stuff, my mom has worked there for years, and to speed up the procces they are going to have me test there idk if it will be instant or sent out but im praying, if i fail not only do i have no job but my mom may not too any advice is good, but man i feel your pain
  3. hopenbilly

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    First, what is your test number or the cutoff level for your test? You should buy a home test and check your first void to see where you stand? Your two month break might be your savior. Do not work out, you will want to fat load and be a sloth since you are suppose to test within 48 hours. I would go in around 2-4pm tomorrow and be sure to follow N2's dilution method and no more or no less. Since you haven't taken creatine, you do not want to overdilute unless you are POSITIVE that your future employer will allow one retest if your results are negative-dilute. Be safe and check your paperwork and/or research your employer.

    If you can't check yourself with a home test (which I strongly advise) then find a clean friend and try subbing. If you trust them, then you know that you will pass. However, I like to do things natural and I think that your two month break should have got you clean naturally. 5-8 sessions are hard to guage, and every person is different. For example, I took 2 months off and smoked 6 straight days, and I was able to pass a home test in 5 days and a LabCorp test in 7 with no dilution. Like I said, every one is different and there are many variables.

    If you can, buy a home test. This will allow you to calm yourself down, or direct you to find a friend and practice subbing. N2's dilution sticky is the norm around here, but if you haven't taken creatine, do not over drink.

    Good Luck
  4. biggkilla1406

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    Ive been searching for s ub, no one will work lol, so i guess i will just drink water, fat load and then do the vitamins for color and pray and hope, water and vitamins is all i have handy so we will see :( i think i shal be ok i pray nothing comes up, if it is negative dilut they may just accept it. does it matter if its male or female urine?
  5. biggkilla1406

    biggkilla1406 New Member

    And Also Do You Think I have A Good Chance Of it just being outof my sytem or low enough level to pass? its been approx 27 day since the xmas toke and 5 since the 2 hits
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    Ok so I am able to take the test as I wish, so I'm going to take it Saturday. The latest I can go is 11:30am. First thing this morning I bought some powdered creatine. I suggested 1 spoon per serving, i mixed 2 heaping spoons in with water and downed them. I have been drinking tons of water all day, and eating maybe a little less than usual because I feel so full of water. I have no idea if they will allow me a re-test but it is a pre-employment test for Home Depot and they seem employee-friendly but i don't know what the policy is. I do not know what type of test or the cutoff. The paper is completely not filled out, there are three check boxes, none of which are checked, which say: Drug Tests to be Performed: 1. Urine Drug Screen, 2. Blood Drug Screen, 3. Blood Alcohol. I am really not sure, but pretty positive they only do the urine analysis. The Urine Drug Screen is labeled 35496N.
    So further questions:
    Does anyone know how intensely Home Depot tests?
    I took 2 tablespoons of creatine this morning, and plan on taking 2 more tonight. They are 5 grams per serving. Should I be taking more/less?
    I have been drinking 10-12 bottles 16oz. bottles of water a day. My piss is clear and i have runny shit constantly lol. Sorry for the detail but I felt it might be necessary.
    Should I br drinking more/less?

    Also I plan on taking a home test tomorrow (afternoon? night?). Thank you so much for the feedback, resources, and support. I will keep you all informed.
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    A couple more questions:
    I stocked up on cranberry juice. Should I drink it the day before the test, the morning of, both or does it not make a difference?
    In his dilution method N2 says that 200-250mg/dl are his normal levels of creatinine. At 5gs of creatinine per serving, how much should i take daily leading up to the test? Today i must have taken apprx 25g with lots and lots of water.
  10. atomicsoda

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  11. hopenbilly

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    The "runs" are normal for some people whom take the creatine. Make sure to stay hydrated and try eating/drinking anything with VitC in it, as this helps combat the runs. As for creatine, many athletes and drug testees will "load" up on it for the first couple/few days. If there are directions for you to load, then follow. If not, then I would not advise taking more than double the recommended dosage. Taking creatine will help you pass your validity test, which checks for creatine levels, specific gravity, and ph and adulterants. Check/Browse the internet for exactly what Home Depot does, you can also research the test number.

    I would advice drink juice and gatorade, even on the day of the test because too much water will strip you of vital salts/nutrients. This is why some people take heavier solids like tums/salt/etc... when following N2's dilution method. You should also start fat loading (eating big portions of highly fatty foods) as this will help your body store fat and not burn the fat cells which contain the THC metabolites.

    Good Luck!

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