Is "grasscity" as safe site to buy from?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Cheatinjory32, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Cheatinjory32

    Cheatinjory32 New Member

    I just found this really nice bong on but since I have never bought one over the net before I'm not sure if the site is legitimate.

    Does anyone have any experience buying from
  2. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    I've read alot of reviews, and survey says they are legit. Problem can be some times: You won't get the exact color the piece is. Some times you do, some times you won't. they note that on their site, though.
  3. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Definitely a legit site. I have read a thread over there where customs has intercepted the package and opened it, inspected it and stuck big ass orange stickers on the box identifying it as a glass pipe.

    That would worry me. I have a couple of pipes coming (not from grasscity though). Yep, it worries me. Ahh....Weed paranoia. Where ya been? :scared: :yikes:
  4. DankDealer

    DankDealer New Age Krunk

    It is in fact legit. I have purchased 3 pipes, a bong, and a bunch of other goodies off the site......they all came pretty quickly and they are great! :D
  5. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    It's legit, but amny people say that they get less-colorfull pieces than the picture.

    It's based in Amsterdam, so it'll take forever if you use money order.
  6. Cheatinjory32

    Cheatinjory32 New Member

    Thanks guys, now I can put my paranoia to rest :)
  7. swagger

    swagger New Member

    did you ever get your stuff?
  8. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Yeah, he did about 4 years ago.
  9. SourDieselMan

    SourDieselMan New Member

    I ordered $150 dollar worth of stuff including a big glass bong. It took 15 days to get to Illinois. Everything came undamaged and they even gave me a bunch of free stuff including, metal pipe screens, joint tube, 4 types of rolling papers, and a grinder. I love grasscity :D
  10. OldHempy

    OldHempy New Member

    Hey lads and ladettes!
    Do any of you peeps know if GC post internationally??
  11. Fiercetoker

    Fiercetoker New Member

    I've bought 3 bongs off grasscity it's legit. All three times though it took 2-4 weeks to get to my house in P.A.
  12. BoBeh

    BoBeh New Member

    I've bought several items from GC, from my experience they're pretty good, except my last purchase.
    my last purchase from GC was ordered on 19 april 2012 n cames on 4th of May, around $300+ of items
    everything arrived safe n sound except one of the 3 diffuser downstems is chipped pretty badly around the joint, i've sent them pictures n now waiting for their respond.

    Most of my purchases from GC are sent from Netherlands, but there's once my package was sent from Belgium.
    @OldHemp : yes i can assure u that GC shiped internationally, and if u wanna track ur package u can use the Registered mail when u checkout, tooks me 3 weeks the longest and 10 days earliest to reach me.

    overall i think GC is a pretty good sites.
  13. chillyjim

    chillyjim New Member

    I did a lot of research on them before and I think their policies are stuff, replacing lost items, looking after the customer, basically.

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