is it a probation violation to be diluted?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by tinaninabina, Feb 25, 2011.

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    so i drop every 2 weeks. this month it was the 9th and the 23rd. i had been clean for months but smoked like 6 hits of chronic 11 days before my drug test on the 9th. i probably was clean after 11 days, but i freaked out and went apeshit with the dilution anyway. i got a negative on a hometest with a weak second line.

    when i went to drop on the 23rd, i didn't even try to dilute because it had been almost a month since i last smoked and i tried another home test which gave me a very strong negative. i wasn't worried at all. so i drank a 20 oz gatorade, then filled it up with water and drank about half of that. that's it. early on in the day, i had 3 cups of coffee. my pee was a little clearish but still definitely had a yellow hue to it.

    then the lady at the drug testing place looked at it and said it would be diluted and she could tell. i acted dumb and was like "what's dilution mean?" and she started asking me how much i drank that day, so i told her about the gatorade. i wasn't even trying to freakin dilute, i just wanted to make sure i could pee when i got there because i hate waiting around that stupid place. i told the lady i could come back in a few hours and pee after i hadn't drank anything, and she was a total bitch and said "no, i HAVE to send it to the lab now..." then she asked if my probation officer had ever talked to me about being diluted before. he NEVER has, and i've drank A LOT more than that before. i just drank a normal amount that day. my samples usually look exactly like that.

    the lady told me i better call my PO in the morning and inform him that my sample would be diluted. i haven't called him, cuz i go see him on the 2nd. that's when i'll find out my fate.

    i have a sneaking suspicion that my test on the 9th came back diluted and that lady is trying to fuck with me. i told her i was just trying to make sure i could pee and she said i need to just hold my morning pee all day cuz "that's what everyone else does". she was scolding me and being a huge bitch.

    would my po even care if i was diluted both times this month? what's he going to do about it? it's not illegal to drink a bunch of water especially if you work out a lot. that lady obviously thinks that i'm doing drugs and trying to cover it up, but how can they prove it? i'm 100% clean now. i will offer them my damn morning pee.

    i've heard people say that a diluted result means you failed. so if i failed, am i going to jail? i'm so scared of seeing my po, it's not even funny.
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    After reading your post the first thing that comes to mind is that some people love to put fear in others by spewing B.S. From what I have read the test looks for drugs and other markers like the amount of creatinine. Here are two quotes from wikipedia on Creatinine that I think are useful in responding to your post.

    "Creatinine concentration is also checked during standard urine drug tests. High creatinine levels indicate a pure test, whereas low amounts of creatinine in the urine indicate a manipulated test, either through the addition of water in the sample or by drinking excessive amounts of water.
    It should be noted that diluted samples may not always be due to a conscious effort of subversion and diluted samples cannot be proved to be intentional, but are only assumed to be. Random urine creatinine levels have no standard reference ranges. They are usually used with other tests to reference levels of other substances measured in the urine. Diuretics, such as coffee and tea, cause you to urinate more often, thus potently making your creatinine levels lower in your urine. A decrease in muscle mass will also cause a lower reading of creatinine, as will pregnancy."

    "Vegetarians have been shown to have lower creatinine levels."

    So if your level is low it seems like a good response would be, "so what? what does that prove? are there drugs present or not?" After all, indeed you're correct that it is not illegal to drink a lot of water.

    Personally, before doing a drop where I thought I might be dirty, a large very rare steak a day or so beforehand, drinking a bunch of water and then taking a couple of B complex vitamins to make my pee yellow has always worked for me.

    Lastly, IMO smoking is not worth losing your freedom and I would encourage you to simply stop until you're off probation. Life is many many years long and weed will always be there. Comparatively speaking, probation does not last nearly as long as life and weed.

    Please post your results (i.e., any news from your PO). I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. OS#1

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    Tina I do agree with OneHit. Its not worth it at this time. Stay clean until you are off probation. No one here wants to see you do time. Personally I also agree with OneHit that you give someone a little power and they like to play head games. They like to control you. You are clean you have no fear. They can sit there and watch and let you drink nothing and you can pee yellow and your clean. Its just someones opinion. I am not sure how it works with probates and what these drug screeners think they know but thats BS them judgeing you if you are clean or not cheating or not on the color of your pee. I think you will be fine because you are clean. Stay that way. I know its hard at times,espacially if you have a love for weed on levels beyond the high. I do understand that. I am Clean at the moment myself. Its killing me. Not because I want to get high but for my love of the plant and the motions of smoking. Personally I decided to take a break right after I went to see the Roger waters Concert at the garden back in NOV. I know most times at the end of the year my job gives a massive drug test to catch up with numbers. So I figured hey way not stay clean and not have to stress subbing this time around. Well Guess what. No drug test. I am figuring its coming soon. So I figured what the hell I will stay clean get through the test and at that point I know I am good for 6 months to a year before another one. Still nothing and I am getting tempted but will stay clean until I get called. Oh well. Now getting back to you. Try not to stress it. Stick to your story. I mean now the Law is going to monitor how much water someone drinks. That is total BS. This country is turning into Russia of the 80's. Stick to your guns stay clean and they have nothing on you dear. Lets us please know how you make out. We support you.

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  4. tinaninabina

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    thank you so much guys.

    onehitwhip, when i dropped on the 9th i was paranoid having only 11 days after my one-time screwup, so i took double doses of creatine 3 days before the test but i also drank 2 gallons of water in like 3 hours, so i'm sure i was diluted as hell. i was thinking maybe i could tell my p.o. i've been water fasting, cuz i have. if you didn't eat anything for a week you'd have low creatine in your body, right? just like the vegetarians.

    i hope the lab didn't consider the diluted result a fail, and report to my PO that i failed. what about people who drank craploads of water while excersing, they would be sent to jail for dilution and they didn't even do drugs. it would just be an accident. i've been clean the whole time i've been on probation and screwed up that one time. my PO probably wouldn't think i tried to dilute, cuz i've been super good so far and he likes me. i will act innocent and confused if he says anything.

    and yeah it was a stupid decision to smoke while on probation cuz i've been stressing for a month and it wasn't worth it at all. the whole time i've sat there while joints were being passed around in front of me and i never hit it, i just enjoyed the smell. but that one time, it was right after i dropped, and i figured a few hits would be gone in a week. but then i freaked out realizing what a huge chance i had taken. yeah i really miss the weed, not like i think about it every second of the day or anything, but i used to be a HUGE pothead and i know how much funner life was back then.

    and yes, i'm on probation for possession of marijuana... i got caught with 1/10 of a gram. it was a crumb in the bottom of my purse. what a major assfucking.
  5. why wud it be it culd be like that for someone who drinks alotttaa waterr
  6. smokeyjoe

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    What a hassle that whole system sounds like, I hope you get out of it soon. It sounds like you are being screwed for 1/10g.
    I know its hard to not smoke, I stopped for a year awhile ago too and on and off, but I agree you would gain alot of control over your current situation by being clean. I have read that the legal herbal stuff can be a good substitute and there is always alcohol :vomit:.

    Stopping while others still smoke around you is even tougher. Hang in there.
  7. ownworstenemy

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    a tenth of a gram put you on probabation? really? with threatof jail time? what state do you live in?
  8. tinaninabina

    tinaninabina New Member

    i live in saint clair county, michigan. it is a broke, redneck county with a high unemployment rate and the cops are like gestapo. i broke up with my boyfriend cuz he was abusive, then i went up to his work around closing time a few days later to talk to him and figure out how i was going to move all my furniture and belongings out of his house. i wasn't in the parking lot of his work, i was parked at the bank which is next door. he called the cops on me and said i had been trespassing and stalking him, which was the hugest lie ever. he was having a pissyfit because i actually had the balls to leave him this time. when the cops got there and said i was breaking the law, i said "WHAT THE FUCK??! I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!" and the cop suddenly handcuffed me with no warning. i was in complete shock and tried to pull away from the handcuffs for a moment, and the cop grabbed me by the hair and threw me face down into the dirt. i got arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and possession. i had 1/10th of a gram in the bottom of my purse i didn't even know about, and i had a glass bowl with resin inside of it too. i got a lawyer and the resisting arrest charge was dropped, cuz i barely even did that. they never told me i was being arrested, or what for. so naturally i was in shock. the disorderly conduct charge remained, because i raised my voice. the threat of jail time was a year. but i got probation for a year instead. my p.o. said if i drop dirty he can send me to jail for the full year.

    all in all, i am glad this ridiculous injustice happened to me, because probation is way better than being with an abusive, controlling boyfriend. he got his revenge on me and now it's over. i didn't go to his house to get my stuff because i was too scared of him flipping out. the lesson i learned is that if you're dealing with an unstable person who has your stuff, call the police and have them escort you there to get it... don't even try to talk to the person and ask for it back. now the ex-boyfriend is going around saying he wanted to marry me and loved me more than anything. what a sicko! when this bullshit is over i am moving to south carolina, never looking back, and smoking buttloads of weed!!!

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