Is it ok to smoke weed while on Ritalin?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by bonez901, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. bonez901

    bonez901 New Member

    When I take ritalin, my heart rate goes as high as 130 bpm, and I know that weed also speeds up your heart rate.. So is it ok to do both? The reason I'm asking is because I dont get hungry on Ritalin and I was thinking of smoking a bowl before dinner after I get back from college...
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I won't say its safe ort not, as many factors can play a role. However, while in generally good health, I've used such a combination without ill effects. However, what may be safe for me doesn't always equate in being safe for someone else. I'm not a Dr, and can only relate that I myself have used the drugs together without dying. I don't really KNOW if the combination would be safe for you.
  3. Massimo15

    Massimo15 New Member

    Not sure if the combo is safe or not, but, I have experience with Adderall, but I usually take Adderall in the day, and smoke at night.

    If your heart rate is 130, have you thought about switching meds, or is that normal for Ritalin?
  4. mrsuperstereo

    mrsuperstereo New Member

    i use methylphenidate (aactive ingredient in ritalin) daily. i toke daily. u can see where im going with this...

    it seems fine for me. when my heart rate goes to high on ritalin, toking seems to calm it down rather than speed it up. i dont see why thwe combo would be a problem, but i actually enjoy the both... it provides a great mindset for making music :-D

    but this is me... becareful and know yourself well. i told my psychologist i smoke kush daily and he didnt want me about mixing weed with it, and i think he wouldve gave a warning had it been dangerous..

    once again, i dont think it's dangerous (but im no expert)
  5. bonez901

    bonez901 New Member

    what are the affects of the weed with ritalin? Does it make your appetite come back? and if i take ritalin so I can focus, does the weed make it harder to focus?
  6. mrsuperstereo

    mrsuperstereo New Member

    the effects compliment each other. i feel faded except it feels a bit diffeent. appetite returns but focus remains... in me at least. well, weed helps me focus either way, so it's hard to say how it would affect those that find it harder to focus high.
  7. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    It doesn't. It's a depressant-has a sedative effect. The smoke is what speeds up your heart rate. And even the nasty by-products of smoke have a sedative effect, so weed isn't the stimulant that the off topic legal smoke is. But if the smoke aspect is a concern, consider a vaporizer. It does make a difference. ;)
  8. Massimo15

    Massimo15 New Member

    Are you a med mj patient? Any specific strains that you use for focus?
  9. cenuke

    cenuke New Member

    I was prescribed that but I declined cause I heard of bad cardiac side effects.. If I were you I would just not take that anymore. but if you do decide to take weed while on ritalin just be careful not to get overly excited or exercise or something cause I heard if your heart rate is above 200 its bad, regardless of why its that high
  10. Kushy

    Kushy down

    It's not the smoke that causes increased heart rate. It's the THC in the bloodstream that creates an elevated blood pressure and heart rate. If you notice even when using a vaporizer your heart still beats as fast as if you were smoking it.
  11. Frid

    Frid New Member

    ASk your doctor.

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