is it possible to get high from smoking vaporized remains?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by justinp925, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. justinp925

    justinp925 New Member

    Is it possible to take the brown/black remains from bud i used in my vaporizer and get high off it if i smoke it? i know i can cook the remains, but id rather smoke them if its possible
  2. Generic Name

    Generic Name New Member

    I doubt it. For the same reason that you can't smoke bowl remains. All the THC is gone... If you were to smoke ashed bowl remains, it would just crumble into more ash. Besides, that sounds kinda gross. But, I'm no expert. Maybe you could get high, but I know I wouldn't try it.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If your remains are black it means you vaped at too high a temperature and there would be no THC remaining. If your remains are brown there might be a small residue of THC. It all depends on how thoroughly you extracted the weed in the vaporizer.

    I tried it once. It wasn't worth the effort. When I vape I keep going until I don't get anything off the load so the remains are pretty much cached.
  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Why don't you just try it and then come back and let us know how you faired...
  5. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    If by "vaporized remains" you mean the bud you've just vaped, there may be some good stuff still left. It depends on how high and how long you vaped it. You might save it for emergencies (dry spell). I think it's best for cooking up in something. The residue left in your whip/bowl, tubing, bag, whatever, -that stuff is condensed vapor and can definitely be smoked. Whether it's worth trying to process it is the big question. It's pretty easy to smoke when it's in a glass whip, but getting it out of tubing or other parts... well, if you're desperate enough give it a try.
  6. luke135792468

    luke135792468 New Member

    the real info

    all the above bloggers are a bunch of tard-monkeys!

    vaporizers bake the resin out so you just get clean smoke... bet none of these other idjits knew that... but as i was sayin the left over from a vap. in nothing but pure resin (the color doesn't mean a damn thing because it's all the same shit)
    POINT BEING: you can smoke the shit left over though it will not taste too good and it's really bad for your lungs (that's the reason they made vaporizers you dumbshits) but it can get you higher than shit!

    Flaming is strictly against the rules here. No one is going to take you serious unless you start treating our members with more respect. Infraction issued.
  7. werunit420

    werunit420 New Member

    i got a damn bright idea lol how about you smoke some and see what happens :rolleyes:
  8. Vronin

    Vronin New Member

    If you'd rather smoke it than eat it, you could get some value out of it if you made hash oil from the AVB. Other than that, cooking and eating is the way to go to get value out of AVB. The whole concept of smoking vaped herb seems absurdly obtuse to me so I'm not going to try. You'll probably need to smoke about 4 times as much to get the same level high while still getting the negative health effects of smoking that much material. So why not just smoke the herb instead of vape in the first place?
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  9. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    I was curious about this, a while back, as well. So I just loaded a bowl with some AVB and revaped it. YES, it did still have some effect but the taste was pretty nasty. I kinda figured that because the tast is kinda my way of knowing the bowl is done. I usually reload a bowl once it starts getting a burnt garlic taste. My AVB is usually dark brown to almost black. I did ISO wash my AVB once and I use the residue to coat my papers B4 I roll Js.

    But, if your in a pinch at least it's something.
  10. Auralis

    Auralis New Member

    I've tried smoking AVB (Already Vaped Bud) before, and I've really found it to be a waste of time. Considering you're vaping for the health benefits, smoking the remains would negate those and bring you right back to where you started, but with a significantly worse taste in your mouth.

    The reason the common wisdom is to bake with it is because baking will extract whatever might be left in the bud without extracting the taste (assuming you're filtering the remains out and not just making firecrackers). That way you can still get the 10% or whatever that's left in as painless a manner as possible.
  11. watchyoursix

    watchyoursix New Member

    just save your AVB for makin brownies, keep it in a bag in the back of your desk drawers or under your bed and after you get about an ounce or so of that make some brownies.
  12. bongoman

    bongoman New Member

    I keep my AVB that has gone through the vaporiser once in a separate stash for reuse.

    However I revape it after grinding it more, almost to dust, and packing a larger than normal bowl. After vaping it again, I then throw it out. Doesn't taste as nice as a green bowl, but I'm always amazed how much I get out of it the second time around.

    I vape through water so even though the second run is powdery, none of it ends up in my mouth or respiratory system.
  13. itsjoey

    itsjoey New Member

    Okay so i went and smoked some vaporized weed and it works just fine. Pick out the black and your set to go. the darker it is the less potent it will be!
  14. 1406

    1406 Retired

    AVB is tricky to roll/pack, it tastes awful, and it kind of defeats the purpose of vaporizing. Not recommended, but it works. Your best bet is cooking with it, or making an alcoholic tincture.
  15. itsjoey

    itsjoey New Member

    Well i find if you re-grind it then its just as easy to roll/pack. I personally dont notice the taste but my friends do. And i would say yes completely defeats the health purposes. but if you bought your vape so you could get higher and so you could get twice as much out of your pot then i would say it still fufills the purpose just fine
  16. xxxMarijuanaxxx

    xxxMarijuanaxxx New Member

    i do it if its nice and brown and its not that bad at all, but if its black then your vape is to hot. needs to be coming out nice and brown.
  17. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    ya but thats nasty

    I prefer to just mash it up and pack big bowls and vape it again. After some of that its pretty much garbage.
  18. sickest

    sickest New Member

    i always mix my vape poo with kif and hash and make some butter. then cook whatever u want to with it.
  19. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I never smoke my ABV, but do save it and when times are tough, I'll run it through the vape again. I never vape til my bud is black, so I can always get 2-3 more hits every load. It definitely helps out in those times you miss your connect somehow or just can't afford weed at the moment. I've been doing just that the past few days, and have gotten icredibly high each of course takles MORE than it doees the first time cycled through the vape, but it IS effective enough for me to do it on a semi-regular basis
  20. invaderzim

    invaderzim New Member

    just make mad blunts.

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