is it possible to get high from smoking vaporized remains?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by justinp925, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. witchvape

    witchvape New Member

    I just give my brother, who smokes, all of my vaped stuff and he says it's just as good. Although, I always do very few hits off each load. I always leave some because I usually cook with it. As long as you are reasonable with it, it's as good as fresh weed. Most of the appeal of smoking is the head buzz, so it's fine.
  2. JaK

    JaK New Member

    I always smoke my vaped weed when I'm broke and can't afford some fresh dank. To answer your question: yes, it does get me high. When I vape, I get a "pure" high with very little short term memory loss and minimal drowsiness because the carcinogens that create these effects are not released without combustion. Because a good percentage of the THC has been removed from the herb, what is left is the compounds that make the smoking high (compared to vaping high) im-"pure". Try it yourself and see.
  3. vapechillz

    vapechillz New Member

    what i tend to do is use it as spin instead of tobacco, it does the same job because it burns well, and it gets you a little high too :)
  4. 1406

    1406 Retired

    If your weed is black (which it shouldn't be, because that means you're vaping it too much) then you're probably better off not smoking it.

    However, if you vape your weed lightly, you 'can' smoke the weed and get a little high from it (but I'd imagine that it is mainly from the leftover cannabinoids).

    I don't recommend it though, because the taste is rather unpleasant. You're better off making a batch of brownies.
  5. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    ahh umm, thats BS? It can get you high as shit? No man, then your shit wasnt vaped properly ffs, if you get big highs from SVB, you need a new vape or a new method....
  6. Kushy

    Kushy down

    I've been saving ABV in a little box since summer. About a week ago i ran out of weed and wanted to save a little money before I get another sack, so all this week I've been rolling ABV joints. They don't taste amazing, but it's nice to basically roll free joints.. plus they get the job done :)
  7. robb257731

    robb257731 New Member

    I'm in a dry spell supply wise, so I had to resort to smoking AVB that I was saving to make some brownies. It's really hard on the throat BUT it's giving me a great high....and that's just one half bowl or so. I'm betting mixing it in a blunt will make it more tolerable.
  8. robb257731

    robb257731 New Member

    See my above post....I've got a total head buzz going on. Is AVB my preference? No way....but it'll do in a pinch.
  9. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Honestly, if you get high from the AVB , then you're not vaping all the substance out or you're a super lightweight ;)

    I remember once not having any thing ... this was horrible for smoke...I made some brownies with the AVB and it turned great...that is the best you can do with AVB IMO

    my AVB looks brownish but there's still some green left in them if you look closely in bright light
  10. robb257731

    robb257731 New Member

    @ Mosh....yup....still new to the field, so to speak...smoking on a daily basis since Feb/2011, but not too heavy. Supply of green is really low, so have made a mix of fresh with vaped mixed in as filler. I did make a pretty good blunt out of the contents of a cigarillo mixed with vaped, mixed it and smoked it in the park one afternoon. Cigarillo masked the smell..nobody batted an eyelash, including the two cops sitting on the next bench. Great high that day.
  11. VapoGal

    VapoGal New Member

    Yeah it's definitely possible, but it will take a lot to do it. I've smoked J's of AVP and gotten high from them. Of course it would take an entire J of smoking lightly Volcano toasted AVP when I had a medium tolerance. I don't recommend it. I use all my AVP now to make butter. About a half of high grade AVP will make a potent stick of butter and the high from eating it is way more pleasant than the high from smoking it.
  12. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    I accidently smoked the leftovers which I stored in my pipe and I got a buzz but was more of a low type of buzz. Made for a good nights sleep but the next day I felt kindof stupid.
  13. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    simple answer depends how far you vaped it. Look at it like a color code
    <10 hits, probably green/worth smoking
    <20hits, probably light green to light brown possibly yellow like ting/worth vaping,cooking not smoking
    <30 hits, probably medium to dark brown/ possibly worth vape/worth cooking, not worth smoking
    <40 hits, dark brown/ probably not worth vaping/ worth cooking

    this is from my experience from starting to vape at a low temp working to a high with high grade
  14. GordanMilky

    GordanMilky New Member

    Oh man i just smoked a j of brown vaped weed. i got decently high, definitely more light but at least didn't get the shitty feeling in my mind of being super high. The point of my post is that I have a midterm tomorrow morning so i hope i dont feel stupid.

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