Is it possible to keep a steady clean system?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by chris1231, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. chris1231

    chris1231 New Member

    My school is going to start giving random drug tests to student athletes and people who drive to school starting next semester. I'm not an athlete, but I DO plan on driving to school next semester.

    Is it possible to keep a steady clean system in preparation for any drug test? I am not an everyday smoker, but I'm around people who get high every day so I am also worried about secondhand smoke showing up. I get high maybe once a week or twice a week at the very most. Sometimes I'll go two weeks without doing so.

    Now I assume that a cotton swab test would be easy to pass. Just wash my mouth out with peroxide (maybe on a daily basis) right? A hair follicle test, I know you can buy a shampoo. Just wash my hair out with it right after I smoke right?

    What I am mainly worried about is a urine test. Is there a supplement I can take that can keep my system clean on a permanent basis?

    What can happen if I test positive? Can they arrest me or expel me, or can they just call my parents and that be the end of it?
  2. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    I doubt any secondhand smoke would show up on a drug-test.
  3. Grape_Tomato

    Grape_Tomato New Member

    like mallitia95 said, secondhand smoke shouldn't show up on any tests. Just try to find out how often these drug tests are. Maybe you can avoid them somehow, idk. good luck
  4. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    There was a post on this site from a mod about a friends wife who had never smoked and was fired from her job after drug testing following an on the job injury. Her only exposure was second hand smoke. Add second hand smoke to light smoking as well and it probably would.

    If your a lite smoker, your best bet might be to just drink a lot of water and hope you will dilute the small amount of thc in your system. Don't know if that would do it, just a suggestion.
  5. Lyricage

    Lyricage New Member

    Are they doing blood works or urine samples... if its urine you can get around it... AZO cranberry pills apparently clean out your urine... I also bought this today: MAGNUM DETOX ($20 drink you can find in smoke shops) you take it 1 hour before ur test, follow directions and it should work... from the time you take it, your urine is SUPPOSED to be clean for 5 hours... so if you know when they are thats a solution... otherwise synthetic urine...

    If it's bloodworks I heard Cianin works... I am taking some right now because I have a drug test coming up very very soon so I will let you know how these work after I get my results on monday...

    AZO standard and AZO cranberry for urine
    Cianin for blood

    and if I overdoze from any of these I'll post before I go lollllll
    (had to end my post with humor b/c im pretty worried about the test....)
  6. Lyricage

    Lyricage New Member

    Niacin not Cianin sorry... and make sure you get the non-flush kind or you might be in for a bad time... (get really hot, skin turn red, meh :/)
  7. SourDieselMan

    SourDieselMan New Member

    Damn that's bullshit, I would just ride the bus instead of driving lol.
  8. Paradox.Thoughts

    Paradox.Thoughts New Member

    Just speaking from personal experience, I had a slew of random drug tests during a job i held for just under a year - i never failed one and i'm a daily smoker.

    I don't drink a lot of soda, or have a poor diet, and i still follow about half of my old exercise regiment i had when in the military, always figured it was due to drinking plenty of water / natural fruit juices (Cranberry / Grape / Apple) and having a fairly healthy diet lol.

    Not that i dont love dorritos and crush soda as much as the next smoker lol, but i try to remain physically active and keep a lot of water in my daily routine for the "Just in case tests"

    The detox's are deffinately (in my expeirence) a sure-fire way to pass. Most of the Test's i took were mouth swabs, but rarely urine and never blood. Keep a clean mouth, and a clean body that's always flushing itself out and with a little luck, you'll get your license and a sack for your 16th bday or whatever it may be!


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