Is k2 safe?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by USMC420, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. USMC420

    USMC420 New Member

    I haven't had a reliable bud source for almost 6 months now :(. So I picked up some k2 from one of my friends who bought it from his work, and ive been smoking it about once or twice a month since I got it. But, recently I've been diagnosed with a reoccurring brain tumor. I was just wondering if anybody has read anything on if k2 is not safe?
  2. iCurlBabies

    iCurlBabies New Member

    According to one article, ' Professor John W. Huffman who first synthesised many of the cannabinoids used in synthetic cannabis (k2) is quoted as saying, "People who use it are idiots." '

    The reason they're idiots because it's synthetic. You don't know what's in it, and you don't know what it will do to you.

    Quite possibly, it caused that tumor of yours.
  3. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    Um What? Smoking k2 once or twice a month will not give you a brain tumor you would have to smoke it constantly 3 to 4 times a week over long periods to see any of the long term negative effects hit you. You don't snort one line of coke and now there is a hole in your nose, no it takes years and K2 was definitely not the cause of the tumor. USMC why not just let your doctor know and see what he says
  4. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Dude just keep trying to find a connect. Don't smoke k2. Cuz honestly who knows what the fuck it really is. I've heard some pretty scary stories too. Just find a bud connect.
  5. USMC420

    USMC420 New Member

    I can't tell my doctors that ive smoked k2, i told them once that I smoked bud and he told my dad and he wasn't too happy.
  6. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    Are you over 14? If you are you could get that doctor in a lot of trouble if you specifically told him not to say anything to your parents.
  7. i think its COMPLETLY safe but some people say they get headaches from it. i dont though ive been smoking it for a while on good days i smoke four grams of midnight blue. they make some crazy ass flavors ive tried (coconut,mango,orange,purple,rootbeer,blueberry,punch,kind spice,cinnemon,vanilla,salvia,,,and i cant even remeber the other kinds) some of them are likee called euphoria,,,they makin some native typee shit here...
  8. Michael K

    Michael K New Member

    This kid I know smoked k3 not k2 and went to work out and had a severe seizure in the school weight room
  9. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    You don't know that for a fact. Where are your studies to back up your claim? Just because some guy says its "like" marijuana, doesn't mean it is marijuana.
  10. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    If you're a minor, your doctor/patient rights are limited. Your parents/guardians have access to all your medical records.
  11. LanDaddy

    LanDaddy New Member

    I'm strongly against K2. I highly recommend you stay away from it for many reasons, but it didn't cause your tumor.

    For one thing, K2 is a full agonist of a certain receptor in your brain (GABA I think). Anyway, regular marijuana is only partial, which means it is less likely to cause panic attacks, whereas K2 is more likely.

    Synthetic is the word that scared me off of it. Humans fuck everything up in nature, this is probably no different.
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  12. i smoke atleast a gram everyday for almost a year its perfectly fine,
    gets u so high not gonna lie
  13. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    You will be hard pressed to find anything on the planet that will give anybody a brain tumor with 1 or 2 uses without killing you first. I'm assuming using common sense.
  14. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Thats're assuming. This is a MAN MADE substance, cooked up in a lab that you have NO idea as to what the properties of this substance is. many hits of thalidomide did it take to screw up an unborn baby?
  15. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    #1 your comparing an unborn baby to a teenager I'm no doctor but I think an unborn is a little more susceptible to chemicals then a teenager.

    #2 Brain tumors and birth defects are two complete different things

    Richardson-Merrell had distributed more than 2.5 million thalidomide tablets to more than 1,000 doctors throughout the United States on what was called an investigational basis. The doctors, in turn, gave thalidomide to nearly 20,000 patients, several hundred of whom were pregnant women

    Looks to me as if you would need multiple doses of the drug to cause birth defects anyway not after 1 usage.
  16. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    The stuff is man made so that alone means it isn't perfectly safe. It's also a full agonist for the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors (cannabis is a partial agonist), so negative effects like anxiety, agitation, and paranoia can be stronger than with mj. In high doses it can even cause seizures or convulsions. It's also been reported that it can negatively affect mj tolerance levels, even after ending K2 use for a while.
  17. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Yes, an unborn baby MAY be more susceptable but you do recognize ther danger present now don't you?

    As you said earlier, you're no doctor. Birth defects can be caused by outside chemical influences.
    Tumors in the brain and elsewhere can also be caused by outside chemical influences.

    This didn't just happen to a couple of women, this happened to hundreds of women.
    You don't know if it only took one dose.

    I'm hearing way too many bad things about K2 to even consider taking it without some kind of study to determine its safety.
    But go ahead and take it if it makes you happy. Darwin would want you to take it. :D
  18. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    I'm in no way condoning the use of K2 I was saying before this went into a tangent that 1 use of K2 will not cause a tumor, does that mean I would smoke it. No
  19. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    And you could be right. BUT since there is no data to determine whether it has any harmful effects, then you could be wrong as well. :D
  20. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    We've had a hell of a time getting data on herb, too.......:rolleyes:

    Since K2 isn't legal anymore, I guess we'll never know, will we.........:p


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