Is Marijuana the cause or cure for insomnia?

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  1. TheCandyManCan

    TheCandyManCan New Member

    I was just wondering if marijuana is the cause or the cure for insomnia, or is it both the cause and cure? Iv been smoking nearly everyday for the past 2 years and now its like if I don't smoke at night before going to bed I cant sleep at all. I found some answers while I was doing a google search but they really never give any evidence of it. So I thought I would ask the users.:cool:
  2. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    I fall asleep very easily with or without the help of maryjane
  3. MaryyJanee

    MaryyJanee New Member

    force yourself to go to sleep you can you just have it in your head you need it to help you sleep but you really don't
  4. Triheptyl

    Triheptyl New Member

    ive always had lots of trouble sleeping. why, before my discovery of marijuana i would get 2-4 hours sleep a night usually. once i started smoking weed i noticed this stopped when i was high, but sleeping became even harder without it. now i get high everyday and weed doesnt seem to help me sleep at all. i dont know if i sleep worse without it anymore, its been too long since i found out.
  5. Nepo

    Nepo Sr. Member

    One of the only withdrawal symptoms of weed is insomnia... it's not permanent though. Your body just needs to get used to sleeping without the weed induced 'fatigue' :p
  6. DanKJuggalo

    DanKJuggalo Sr. Member

    I have trouble getting to sleep sober so smoking a bowl really puts me down. Usually I pass out after just laying there for a few minutes. Otherwise I'd be laying there for an hour or more.
  7. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    I have normal sleep schedules with our without weed. The only bad time is when I take a break, the first few days takes forever to fall asleep.
  8. GanjaHigh

    GanjaHigh New Member

    Is marijuana the cure or cause of insomnia?

    Im just curious if my insomnia was from using marijuana. When ever I stop smoking for about 3 days I cant sleep I just twist and turn even tho im tired as hell I just cant fall asleep and when I do I just wake up. Should I try to stop using and seek a Dr. for help with my insomnia or just keep smoking and not worry about not being able to sleep?

    Thanks for the help

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  9. Triheptyl

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  10. hyperdawg64

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    Along with the information that was already posted, just wanted to add that for me, smoking usually makes me go to sleep easier, if anything.

    It obviously would depend on what type of weed you were smoking, to some extent. If you are smoking some strong Indica then you will get a nice body high and feel somewhat lethargic, perhaps. But maybe not, in your case.
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    For most people, marijuana, especially Indica-heavy strains, is a sleep aid. The exception is when you are a chronic user and stop. Then the withdrawal effects (sleeplessness, lack of appetite, irritability) kick in and make sleeping more difficult.
  12. spanksta

    spanksta New Member

    exercise helps you sleep better. just dont do it right before you sleep, do it 2-3 hours before u sleep
  13. FriendlyListener

    FriendlyListener New Member

    I highly doubt it's the cause for insomnia... smoking every day for 2 years and then trying to fall asleep without it is called dependency.

    It's the same for people who fall asleep at night with the television on... they do it for so long that they can't fall asleep with it off.

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