Is my pot plant growing too slow?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by codyf, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. codyf

    codyf New Member

    It sprouted November 2nd, and it's now November 17 and it still has its "fist leaves" the little oval still hasn't grown its first official pot leaf. what can I do to speed it up a little? To normal pace
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Plants need light, warmth, water, good soil, and the right kind of nutrition, all in the correct amounts, if they are going to prosper. If the growing conditions were correct, your plant would be much more developed by now than it is. Give us all of the particulars about your plant and maybe we can tell you what it needs that it's not getting. Where are you growing it? In what kind of container? What kind of soil? What kind of light? How much water? It won't need fertilizer for a bit, but when it does it has to be the right kind in the right amount. Too much and it'll burn your plant. Too little and your plant won't reach its full potential..
  3. codyf

    codyf New Member

    Ok, so you know the little soil germinating packets? The ones that you soak in water and they expand and you drop seeds in them. Its a mixture between that and some miracle grow potting mix. About a 50-50 ratio. It gets around 10-12 hours of real sunlight a day, I don't use grow lights. I put it in the window of my bedroom. I don't have a set watering cycle, I just water the plant when the top of the soil starts to loose moisture and turns light brown. Also I turn my fan on at night because I know these plants love air circulation and if it doesn't get too cold outside I leave my window cracked a bit for fresh air.
  4. smokedsober420

    smokedsober420 New Member

    You dont want to speed it up let it do its thing I learned my lesson by trying to speed up the process sound like you know what youre doing just let it be and it will sprout when its ready some plants take longer to grow then others and some are more difficult then others, Play some death metal pot likes music myth busters proved plants respond best to death metal. Talk to it as weird as it sound plants are living oraganisms and enjoy the company of theyre grower
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  5. marijuanamario

    marijuanamario New Member

    At this point the plants should get 12 or more hours of light. Any thing less and the plants start to bud. Plants count the hours of light to know when it is time to reproduce. If you are giving the plants less than 12 hours that would slow down the growing process. But not by too much.
  6. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    The First(1st) Thing to check is the seeds. Fertile, Not Roasted,proper age and moistness properties of proper readiness. Good Seed=Good Weed.
    All Good seeds need is water,then light & nutrition. Easy does it!
  7. NMCyanideChrist

    NMCyanideChrist New Member

    i planted my germinated seeds around the same time as you and they are on average 4-6 inches tall with a few sets of actual leaves. I am using four flouro tubes with 18 hours of light a day. Granted they have some sort of disease now lol. good luck!

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