is Pennsylvania Med-Mari friendly?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by AngeloinPitt, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. AngeloinPitt

    AngeloinPitt New Member

    I live here in Pa...if I was in Cali it would be very simple for me to obtain a legitimate scrip...but, I know nothing about Pa...does anybody know the boundaries here? ...or how I can find out? I'd rather go legally. Thanx, A
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  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

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  3. AngeloinPitt

    AngeloinPitt New Member

    Thanx Buzzby...right after I posted that question on Pa I found a gazillion places to find answers...shoulda figured though, our state legislators are still wearing plaid leisure's a commonwealth here and that means difficulty penetrating the collective conscience of this states lawmakers at any level, on any subject...especially marijuana! I moved from San Diego to Pitt...ugggh, I miss home ! ciao
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  4. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    Wow, that sucks. It's funny, because I live in PA, and I've always wanted to move to San Diego.:)
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  5. nightwitch

    nightwitch New Member

    rumor has it May 1st the bill goes to house

    you need to send some emails or make some calls to your Reps Like now
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  6. Hank_

    Hank_ New Member

    currently PA MJ laws are one of the worse in the nation. This state was home to Operation Pipe Dreams shutting down nearly every "head" shop in the state!

    sounds like the time is now to escalate my phone calls/letters!!!
  7. jthc

    jthc New Member

    Get the word out to everyone living in PA!

    There is supposed to be a bill introduced next month by representative Mark Cohen to legalize medical marijuana in PA. Everyone needs to start making calls to get this bill through. You can find the phone numbers and email addresses of your district representatives by searching online according to what county you are in, I think it can be found at
    Get this ball ROLLIN' folks I'm moving to PA in a few months and I get medical mj for my epilepsy in the state I'm in now. When I move to PA instead of being an upstanding citizen and a veteran, I'll be a criminal. It ain't right.
  8. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    Unfortunately, PA is not medical-marijuana friendly... yet. I do believe the bill is supposed to go to the House on May 1st, so let's get our voices heard!

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