is the whizzinator worth it?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ashbrown, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ashbrown

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    i will most likley have to quit smoking weed for extended periods of time because i will be looking for a teaching job which can take months to find like during the summer and winter breaks and thats if a job is even to be found. so i am considering buying the whizzinator so i can be prepared to take a drug test at any point during my job search throughout the year or years if i am hired. i have already quit for 3 months just to find a job this summer that never happened.

    i am not really comfortable with hiding clean piss in my crotch or trying to dillute. i cant imagine fiddiling around with something taped to my leg during a test.i need a sure fire pass because this is for some serious shit. i am thinking about getting the new next generation whizzinator that looks and pisses more natural without the click and other sketch stuff. my concern is synthetic urine perfectly fine for piss tests or can they find out that its not yours? is powdered urine supposed to be better because its undetectable or can synthetic urine be told apart visually from real urine? and will the whizzinator keep the synthetic/powdered urine warm enough to pass for the correct temp for a number of hours? all in all do you think it is worth it for my unique situation?

  2. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    It might be a little overkill (with the fake penis and all), but yes synthetic urine is the way to go. I used the quick fix 4.0 ( I'm pretty sure there is 5.0 now) very recently and passed with no problems (twice). Just make sure your temp. is right. My friend has a whizzinator ( minus the fake penis - just a little hose) and that would get your temp. up in about an hour or so and maintained it fine, just by wearing as normal.

    Edit: I say overkill, because I'm pretty sure you won't be observed during your test. Just pre-employment.
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  3. ashbrown

    ashbrown New Member

    yea probably wont be supervised but i would just die if they heard something or whatnot and i was caught using something hidden on me. the wizzinator seems like it is sure fire easy and no problems will occur. so how did you do it...just heated it up at home until it was the right temp and then taped it to your leg or something? i would imagine they wouldnt give a lot of time to piss so was it all a smooth transaction? did you have any problems getting it to the right temp and maintaining it that way?

    the whizzinator is expensive but i really dont see an alternative.
  4. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    The last time I used it. I heated it up in the microwave for about 13 secs. Temp was up to 94- 96.

    I wore a shirt tucked in with a belt. and just put the bottle (that was supplied) in my waistband. I did this at about 10:30 am and didn't have to take the test till about 2 hrs. later. My test strip (comes on the supplied bottle) read right at 100. I poured it into the cup and it was reading 96-98 range. So, you might want to get a little on the high side. If anything you can blow on it to cool it down a little. Easier to cool down than to warm up.

    No reason to be worried about time, this took all of 10 secs. If anything, I had to waste a little time, so not to be obvious. No worries about sound, your not going to make a whole lot of noise pouring it into the cup. Just don't drop the bottle or cap. :) ( I didn't use the squeeze spout just took off the cap) Sec. could correct me here, but I think they give you 2 minutes. So time isn't an issue.

    Also, I live Colo. (pretty populated town), and I know a few teachers, and none of them had to take a drug test. But who knows what kind of rules different districts have.

    Edit: try to practice with temps and time with a bottle of water. It's what I did to know my timing and what not.
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  5. ashbrown

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    they definetley drug test teachers here pre employment and some places even randomly. did you just go into a stall completley unsupervised? do people usually stand right outside of the door? if i got it to the right temp and stuck it near my crotch would it stay that same temp? the temp strip removable and can transfer on the sample cup they give you? have you ever heard of the collector smelling the urine and saying its flat and they need another sample?

    thanks for the info....i am still not sure if i have the balls to do this because if something goes wrong its all job and it would be on record that i either failed or tampered with sample...and if this would be a random test i would get fired and no school would hire me in the future once they figured out what happened. damn marijuana needs to be legalized and honest people like me need to stop worrying about stupid shit like this.
  6. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    Edit Yes, in a seperate bathroom.

    They were outside the door, but not paying any attention to me, they ( there were two of them) were too busy filling out other paperwork ( I also had to do a physical ability test)

    Most likely, but thats why you need to practice. Quick Fix can be heated and re-heated up mutiple times. Just don't leave it the sun. They also give you a hand warmer to help with the temp.

    They have a temp. strip on the collection cup, so you'll know if you have the right temp.

    No, I haven't but Sec can answer that better.

    The Quick Fix I used had no discernable odor to it.

    Just practice

    The first time I was pretty nervous also, but it really was no big deal. All you need to worry about is the temp. With practice, that should ease your concerns.
  7. ashbrown

    ashbrown New Member

    i am scared i will get someone who is paying attention or atleast listining to me pee through the door and might hear something suspicious like the cap flipping open or me pouring it into the cup because it may not sound like me actually peeing. i am guessing they search you going in there so you would need to put it near your crotch...the bottle looks kind of big to be stuck in between your hole and your balls.

    do they stand outside with the door open or closed? have you ever heard of pre employment where they are observing you more carefully like watching your penis straight up or standing right behind you or even the door being left open?

    thanks again for talking with me about this....if there is one thing i have learned is when it comes to drug tests potheads need reassurance above anything else.
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You can find all the reassurance by doing a search using the keyword: Observed

    If you managed to get through 4 years of college, I am sure you learned how to do a little research along the way.

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