Is there a secret to big hits!?

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  1. bbenjaminnjamess

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    I've been smoking almost two years now, I smoke quite a bit maybe 5-7 days a week, and I see these people take HUGE rips with out even a cough.. I still can't take big hits without coughing, sometimes embarrassing with the normal people I smoke with.. haha Is there someway to get better.. a certain way to inhale? How do you take hits?
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    not really, some people can just inhale more or the smoke bothers them less. you can try inhaling with your stomach [as in your stomach should push out when you inhale, and then back in when you exhale] instead of using your chest [when your shoulders lift up]. it's a trick i use for screaming/singing when my band does gigs, and you can get massive hits that way, plus it doesn't hurt your chest nearly as much. you can google how to do it if you don't know what i mean
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    just a peice i pulled from that article 024 "Take a piece of pipe with a diameter small enough to put into your mouth without hurting your jaw." just thought it was.....well interesting ;)
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    Well thanks to everyone... and yea i read that about the pipe fitting to your jaw... wonder how that helps?
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    Some people just have what is reffered to as 'bitch lungs'. In other words they have a small lung capacity, and cough up a lung when they take in too much smoke. I usually never cough when I take a hit, even if it's big, and if I do it will only be for a few seconds.

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