Is there something wrong with me? I don't think so..

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    OK.. This is like a summary of my life experience at school..
    It's been 3 (almost 4) I came to Canada and I don't have that many of friends..
    Basically all my friendships are right now ruined for many reasons.. Some of these reasons are: friend being acting too hyper and stupid all the time, friend moving away, "friends" that are ashamed of your colour (pretty harsh and fucked up eh?)
    Imagine someone telling you just because you are not black just like him, you are bringing his reputation down because he would be considered white for hanging with non-white people (I'm african btw but not BLACK).. The guy is ashamed of my appearance.. Honestly, do you expect me to call him back???

    I just felt I Wanna share this and how mj helped me realize that people here are really booring and cold. Oh btw, here is my source: Molson Coors pulls B.C. 'colder than most people from Toronto' billboard ads
    It's been 2 months we're in school... I don't have now any friends anywhere (inside or outside)... You know what's weird? I've been trying to be friendly with anyone and approaching anyone and just talking with him/her, so may be, later they might come and talk with me...
    Almost 2 months, talking to everyone I see and being friendly..
    Started to smoke lately... then one time when I was stoned I realized how I keep trying to be friendly with everybody and wondered what would happen if I stop approaching people and see if they will even bother saying hi to me...
    I stopped talking or even saying hi to people and see who would actually come and talk with me..
    What I found is MANY people didn't even seem to bother or care... Very few people said "hi" or "what's up man" and almost nobody (saying almost because there are a couple of people that still talks with me since last year, but I'm not really tight with them) talked back with me just like I did...
    Good thing is I used to get hurt when people ignored me like that, but thanks to the herb I realized that these people are messed up in their head and don't even deserve talking with them... I know also that it's not a problem with me because I tried talking to everyone while not being annoying and just trying to be friendly..
    Now, I'm not even depressed or anything that I don't have any close friends... I'm just laid back, understand it's not my fault and just focusing in my studies..

    Really, marijuana had made me more laid back, chill and realize who is what and what is who..
    Just wanted to share this... would like to hear some of ur stories and comments...
    PS: If you don't have something good and constructive to say then please refrain from posting please..

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