Is this fake weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by RPB353, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member


    I'm pretty certain I was sold fake weed but I thought double checking with some expert smokers wouldn't hurt. Been smoking for years and I just didn't realise at time of buying. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Anyways, I'll just list why I think it's fake:

    It didn't get me high, only a mild numb/buzz sensation on eyes and head and increased heartbeat [which I normally get with weed]. Got some munchies on one occasion but I was drinking beers for a few hours so I may have just been hungry! Does smell like weed but also very different too, at time of buying there was no smell. Leaves are smooth edged and not jagged! [see pictures]. Tasted funny when inhaled. It was VERY dry, no crystals and not sticky in the slightest. Dealer said it's an uplifting buzz [Haze strain], in response to me saying I wasn't getting a buzz of it.

    Been doing a of research and everything points to it being fake. So, is there a chance in hell that I'm wrong and this is infact real weed!? If not, any idea on what it is?

    Here are some pics:







  2. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Sure looks like real weed. Maybe it was poorly grown or your tolerance is just too high for a lesser grade buzz.
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  3. Cpt Insanooo

    Cpt Insanooo New Member

    Doesn't look like anything I've ever purchased. I say you got ripped off brotha.

    Not directing this to you since you've been smoking for a while. Just a general tip for all newbies: Do your research! Make sure you know what weed is supposed to look like, smell like, etc. Also, make sure you get your weed in nug form. I purchased a gram from a kid I just started buying off of and I was ripped off. I got my money back, but nothing sets off a red flag more than receiving a baggy with ground up weed in it. Even broken up like yours was makes me uneasy. Plus your bag looks stemmy as fuck. And the second picture looks like your guy took some changing autumn leaves off a tree and stuck them in your bag lol.
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  4. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    never buy weed thats ground up. get the nugs. people can put to much fake stuff in shake and ground up weed
  5. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    The second pic makes me question it, but the rest looks like legit weed. I think I can see some trichromes in some of the pictures. Like the other posters said, don't buy in anything other than nugs unless you know the dealer really well and you trust him.
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  6. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    Well this was my first smoke in over 2 months lol, so even really weak weed should've given me a decent enough buzz. I get really stoned when I haven't smoked in weeks or months. I did notice in my research that some weed grows weird due to malnutrition so this stuff COULD have been real, but just really shit.

    It's the weird shaped leaves that finally raised the alarm for me. Like you said, it looks like he put autumn leaves in the bag! I put a few of the leaves seperately and took a picture of them, hence the 2nd picture. They're not jagged and they just look weird. From what I could research, no weed has smooth, non-jagged leaves.

    I didn't buy it loose, I'd just been using it [breaking it up etc] and so the pictures I took show it in quite a crumbly form. No idea why I smoked so much of it, it was aweful. The structure of the weed was really weird too, the buds were tall and skinny rather than bulky, if that makes sense. Snapped, crumbled very easily. So yeah it looks pretty 'stemmy'. A picture of the weed before I started using it would have been better to show you guys but it was too late buy then.

    Despite my 7-8 years of smoking, I'm still pretty useless when it comes to recognising different weed! I think 'Cheese' is the only one I always remember because of it's unique smell. Strangely, I bought some similiar looking weed from the same guy a few months back and that was fine, again it was tall and skinny looking and no 'chunky' buds. So that's why no alarm bells rang when I was buying it this time. I wasn't really paying attention to the weed, just the amount, as he's always really tight and so my attention was on the 2 types of weed he was offering and what deal was better for me. The other shit was probably fake too. I've never checked to see if the weed was real when buying from him, it just always has been, until now it seems lol.
  7. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    If it is infact real..IT should have been made into butter, and not sold..
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  8. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    Those little weird leaves weren't loose by the way, they were attached to the buds. There were no jagged leaves anywhere, they all looked like they do in the 2nd picture. It looks like it's some random plant that looks and smells like cannabis, though maybe the dealer has added the weed smell. This stuff was a pain to roll up as well. I don't think it's 'legal bud' because presumably the leaves would be jagged?

    Not sure why a dealer who's had my custom for a few years would cheat me all of a sudden. Though, a few months ago, through his own fault, he left a friend incharge of his weed and apparantly I got a bargain on a bag of weed [paying much less than I should have], so maybe it was payback? Still think that was b.s, do different strains of weed cost 2 [to nearly 3] times as much? Possibly. As it was, I paid nearly double for average weed.
  9. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    That second picture looks like tree leafs. If the pictures that follow the second pictures are your breaking up those leaves, then that is fake weed.
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  10. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Your right that it isnt a legal bud because legal buds dont look anything like weed and they come ground up because they are random blends of random plants sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. If those leaves came on the bud then I would say its either some weird weed or a bud off of a random plant that just happend to be next to a nest of skunks and pine trees.
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  11. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    Those leaves are everywhere in the "weed", in each picture - I just picked a few out and put them aside to make them more visible for analysis. The other pictures are just what was left after several spliffs and after alot of poking, prodding and breaking as I was trying to work out what the hell it is lol. I squashing the bag quite a when I was originally analysing it. The stuff is so dry that it just kept crumbling the more I messed with it. Pictures are a tad blurry, did my best to hold camera still.

    I've looked at the legal buds and it's hard to make out what the leaves are like, but from what I saw, the weed looks like real weed on the sites I visited. Everything was in buds and not ground up, but maybe when you buy it, it in arrives grounded?

    Hmm, I looked at tons of pictures of real weed and some plants have some round'ish/smooth leaves but they still didn't look like this crap I've bought. The pictures showed jagged leaves too but this shit I have has none at all.

    I've had weak weed before, but this stuff isn't even weak, it's just... nothing. Dunno what the hell I've been inhaling, concerned for my lungs.

    Yeah, that's what I'm leaning toward, just some random plant. The dealer obviously isn't too concerned about me [annonymously] running to the cops, plus, that's probably bad karma.
  12. new2twistinup

    new2twistinup One with the Universe.

    that doesn't even look like grinded up weed next time should buy in bud form
  13. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    It did come in buds, albeit weird looking buds.
  14. Waldy

    Waldy Sr. Member

    looks like schwag+spice to me. don't buy from him again.
  15. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    Yes, it is bad karma. And it will come back to him. I'd recommend going to the doctor and receiving your marijuana card, and buying from your local dispensary. That way you know for certain that what you're buying hasn't come from a tree. Likewise, I'm leaning towards those pictures of "weed" as being fake marijuana. If you can't get a card, (I'm sure you already know this) then definitely get a new dealer. Stop smoking and save up your money until you find a new guy, and then you will be rewarded with a low tolerance level combined with a lot of weed...
  16. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    The stems are attached to the nugs like weed would be. My guess is it's just the shitties weed you could buy. Maybe he got a bad batch or something, but after buying from a guy for so long, I doubt e would just fuck you over like that.

    And trust me man, that shit is not Haze. To give it a name is blasphemy to the strains that deserve one.
  17. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    Ah, another Londoner?
    To be honest, you're the only one who can know for sure, from the taste and effect of the stuff. It's hard to tell from those photos although photo #2 raises alarms. Smoking near a gram of weed, however bad, should get you pretty damn high, so if this stuff is at all legit you should know. Don't buy from the guy again though, it clearly isn't of a decent quality.
  18. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    only one way to find out if it is weed.
  19. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    Yeah I'm done with him. Being desperate because of a birthday coming up, a part of me was seriously tempted to go back and buy the 'cheese' strain he had. I thought screw it, go back, buy the cheese and never buy from him again. But I decided I'd have to be a complete moron to go back, desperate or not, so I haven't and I won't. The cheese is probably fake too! I would have stopped going to him ages ago - because of his terrible bags - but I couldn't find any other dealers.

    Glad someone else agrees on the karma thing. I couldn't stop thinking about it back firing on me. Not the sort of guy I wanna screw over, him or his friends from what I've seen. As much as I'm pissed off over it, it just doesn't seem worth the risk over £40. Especially considering the bad karma thing. But the fact he tried to lie afterwards and say it was haze [hence the poor buzz, which didn't/doesn't make any sense] and the fact I've been inhaling god knows what, just makes me wanna screw him over. Too much insult to injury.

    Hmmm, not sure if they do the card thing in the UK or whether I could get away with that. I'd need a good excuse to get him to do it. I'd love it if I could though.

    Finding a new dealer seems impossible. I've tried a few times and to no avail. So I've been stuck with this guy lol. Some bastard sold my brother's girlfriend some basil/oregano or something about a year back. But obviously there are some good dealers out there, it's just finding them!

    Exactly, it seems weird for him to do it. As I mentioned in a previous post, last time I bought from him, he left his - seemingly genuine - friend in charge, and then the dealer claimed I paid too less and he seemed pissed. I paid nearly double, expecting to get some cash back when he was back home. Well that didn't happen. You'd think a weed that jumps like that in price would be amazing weed but it wasn't. Think I was conned. Then received sarky comments from dealer via text. Realising he was my only chance of weed, I assured him I'd sort him rest of money next time I picked up, obviously I didn't because I'm sure they both fucking conned me and I regretted saying I'd pay him the rest. I paid double as it was! It was all a bit fishy.

    That's the thing, if it was a bad batch, he shouldn't be selling it and then bragging to me via text that it's uplifting haze lol!

    Lol, I read GOOD things about Haze when I started looking it up. I think I've bought Haze off him before so for him to claim it was Haze is a dumb. It just added insult to injury and made me more angry.

    Close lol, Bedford. Yeah the photo's are a tad blurry, best I could do though. And yeah the taste and effect gave it all away and especially those stupid looking leaves. Even the smell was weird, weed-like, but weird. I rolled some big joints and still nothing. Can't even finish the bag, 1st time ever.
  20. RPB353

    RPB353 New Member

    Never mentioned this, but there were no seeds.

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