Is this vaporizer any good?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bluntz2Blaze, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Bluntz2Blaze

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    My boyfriend ordered me the noble vapor vp600 and it should be here any day now. Do you have one or know anyone who does? How does it work? I can't wait, looks really nice for the price, it's no Volcano, but hey, we all can't shell out 600 bucks..

    Also please help legalize marijuana in my home state of Pennsylvania by writing an electronic letter here...
  2. 5drive

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    Seems like everybody who just takes a dip in the shallow end of the vaporizer world thinks the Volcano is the vape to covet. Sure it's dependable, does the job, and will have good resale, but it's the only 'bag filler' on the market that restricts you to just sucking stale vapor out of a bag. I'd much rather a herbalAire (have one) or Extreme and spend the other $350-500 on something else. The vaporizer world passed the Volcano by years ago, and it's been riding its outdated reputation ever since.

    The Noble brand is made in a big factory in China, and in the past every model with Noble on the front has also been available to other companies wanting to slap their name on it, like Digi Vapor, Top Vapor, etc. That said, it's a decent vape model, but the warranty isn't there unless you get decent terms from the reseller. I don't think you'll find any way to actually get in contact with Noble Vapor the company, so hopefully your unit will hold up and keep working.

    You posted a demo vid yourself. If you need more info search that brand/model on youtube.

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