Is throat burning normal?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by nolimitz13, May 9, 2003.

  1. nolimitz13

    nolimitz13 New Member

    Just wondering if a burning in your throat after a hit is normal...
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    Can be

    Depends on the Bud also. Really dry stuff for me, chokes me badly.

    Does your thoat only burn when you are smoking?

    I cough many times when I smoke. It is an irritant.
  3. Dae-man

    Dae-man New Member


    What are you smoking, a joint? a bong? a pipe? How long have you been smoking? I've been smoking for a year now, and sure, my throat will burn for a lil after I take a monster hit off of, say, a nasty metal pipe that needs cleaning or something, ususally not though. Yay for glass :D Happy Tokes Everybuddy! :cool:
  4. nolimitz13

    nolimitz13 New Member

    Well, i'm a relatively new smoker...and the pipe I used was made out of a pop can...
  5. Dae-man

    Dae-man New Member

    Not good

    Yeah, I'd have to say the blame there rests on the soda (or pop as everyone else seems to call it these days besides us New Yorkers ) can. Aluminun(sp?)=suXoRz I used to smoke outta those all the time when I started, then I got my hands on a real piece :)
  6. beats

    beats New Member

    The pop can was probaly the problem :)

    Try smoking out of a 2-chamber bong..that could solve the harsh hit.

    Try to get better weed, and a better piece. For me if burned alot when I first started, and gradually got better. Drink alot of milk before hand, or a milkshake. Something to cool and coat.
  7. aqualung

    aqualung New Member

    pop can => 2 chamber is a big step hehe

    a small homemade bong helped me enough when the weed i had was not the best
  8. dj atom 12

    dj atom 12 New Member

    I haven't heard the word "pop" in a long time . Im not talkin'
    s**t but it's been a while. Try to get some better bud mang.
    or use a bubbler "bong",....."I dont mean to be an a**hole"
    That should help your throat. Also, do you smoke cigs, and
    if so are the menthols? I do and that is what happens to me
    and don't listen to that "menthols get you high man" bs.
    cool later:D
  9. Smokalicious

    Smokalicious New Member

    hehe, you said pop.
  10. Shadowqiller

    Shadowqiller New Member

    I call it pop as well. Maybe it's a Canadian thing eh?
  11. aqualung

    aqualung New Member

    pop is a regional thing. in iowa its that, in philly its soda :)
  12. nolimitz13

    nolimitz13 New Member

  13. aqualung

    aqualung New Member

    wow that's beautiful!:eek:
  14. Darkman

    Darkman New Member

    Actually I usually smoke marb lights, and bummed a menthol of someone. Def. felt a nice buzz bro.

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