Is Wisconsin having any luck?

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Stoner*Libra, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Stoner*Libra

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    I want to know how its going in wisconsin on getting it legalized. And if theres any organizations i could join to help. I hope it works out well in colorado and washington and i hope that the rest of the country will soon follow,,or at least Wisconsin :p But as long as people dont abuse the new law and start mixing other stupid drugs then it should be soon that we smoke weed freely, if you dont allready ;)
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  2. 5drive

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    Lots of activists in Wisconsin, but the laws are pretty strict, with a lot more than a slap on the wrist for possession, growing, or selling. I wouldn't expect this state to be among the next (or the last) to legalize-probably somewhere in the middle.
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  3. friedfever

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    The last states to legalize will be in the south. Hell, the feds could legalize it and it would still be illegal in most parts of the southland. Jesus could recommend MJ and it would still be illegal.
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  4. NORML Jay

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    Wisconsin is actually a progressive state on the issue, going back to 1982 with the passage of the Therapeutic Cannabis Research Act. We have saw consecutive legislation sessions with a medical marijuana bill, but no other bills, decrim, industrial hemp, etc have come with less consistency.

    There are several fraction organizations, or individuals who spun of a state chapter from a national group, but the main driving force in Wisconsin right now for organizations and grassroots movement is NORML. We have chapters in Madison, Northern Wisconsin and Southeastern Wisconsin, with Eau Claire NORML being built as we speak. Plans for a Central Wisconsin NORML and possible a Southwestern WI NORML are also being worked on. We also have a statewide forum specifically for Wisconsin activists, called the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network, or WisCan for short.
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