It's illegal to try to buy marijuana?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Buzzby, May 12, 2008.

  1. Buzzby

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    Police arrest man who dialed deputy to order marijuana
    AP | WRCB-TV | 05/12/2008

    MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Warren County authorities arrested a man they say misdialed and ordered marijuana from a sheriff's deputy.

    Sheriff Jackie Matheny said Deputy Jason Rowland was off duty when his cell phone rang and the voice on the other end asked if he had any "smoke." Rowland played along and the caller ordered $40 worth of marijuana.

    Rowland told the caller to meet him behind a shopping mall later on Thursday, then he called investigators.

    The alleged buyer showed up and police charged him with solicitation of drug sales and DUI.

    Information from: Southern Standard, Southern Standard

    I had no idea that you could be charged with a crime for asking someone to sell you some weed! It seems that you can be convicted of a drug crime when there were no drugs involved at all.
  2. bobmarleyfan

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    I know it might not be quite the same thing but I believe you can be charged with conspiracy to sell drugs if you claim something is a drug and sell it even if its not ... ie selling baking soda as cocaine or oregano as weed :)laugh:)
  3. feedyourhead

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    well, doesn't surprise me, since solicitation to commit any crime is against the law in the US...
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  4. carlover_36

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    Aint much of anything that is legal anymore.
    Welcome to America
  5. troublemaker420

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    It only makes sense, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, attempting to solicit a hooker is a crime. Attempting to illegally purchase a firearm is a crime. Attemptiong to murder someone is a crime. Why WOULDN'T attempting to purchase illegal drugs be a crime? Attempting to commit just about any crime is illegal. :shrug: I mean, reverse stings would be pointless if this wasn't a crime. Why wouldn't attempting to acquire illegal drugs be the same as every other example above?

    Wouldn't this be better suited for the legal forum, rather than legalization/decriminalization?
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  6. Lit_Match

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    Depends on the state in which you live whether or not intentional solicitation of drugs is criminal.


    Looks like his only defense would be to claim he was only joking, or in no way serious about the delivery of marijuana. I'm gonna go ahead and assume he made the mistake of talking to the police when they showed up and has probably already admitted in some way to being guilty.
  7. phuzz01

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    There are several inchoate crimes in our justice system. To name a few:

    1. Attempt
    2. Accomplice
    3. Solicitation
    4. Conspiracy

    To meet the burden for most of these offenses, the state must prove two things: that the actor had criminal intent (mens rea), and that a substantial step was taken towards the comission of the crime.
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  8. captainReefer

    captainReefer New Member

    Sounds like it may have been one of those times to keep your mouth shut and let your lawyer do the talking.
  9. OliviaLeilani

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    possestion of controlled substance.
  10. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    did you read the aticle??
  11. Kiefer Suthrlnd

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    Where I live in CT this recently happened:

    WEST HAVEN — A weeks-long narcotics investigation netted the arrest of six people on various drug charges.
    Officers with West Haven’s Street Crime Unit executed a search warrant Tuesday night at an apartment at 190 Campbell Ave., said Officer Angelo Moscato. Arrested on various drug charges including possession and intent to sell were: Crystal DeLeon, 25, of 66 Norton St., New Haven; and Jocelyn Lisosky, 40, and Phillip Dapolito, 27, both of 190 Campbell Ave.

    Arrested on charges of criminal attempt to possess marijuana were: Susan Skidmore, 65 Harding Ave.; Matthew Floberg, 19, of 19 Alexander Drive, and one minor.
    Police confiscated 23 grams of marijuana and $200 in cash from the apartment, Moscato said.

    Thousands of dollars wasted for only 23 grams....paying the cops for nothing....but yeah when they raided the house people were in there trying to buy and thats what they got charged with....

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