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Discussion in 'Music' started by innervision311, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. innervision311

    innervision311 New Member

    One day when I was in 7th grade I was riding the bus home and having a conversation with my friend's girlfriend about how sometimes music just can't be loud enough.

    Sometimes you just want the sound to pervade your existence. In a flash of transience the corporeal perception of vibration can elevate the spirit to a level previously thought to be out of reach.

    It's almost like god is whispering in your ear and you want to turn the volume up to 11 to get the message in its purest form. The sound controls you and you feel as though you've experienced something that is supposed to be a secret. Your head nods and your shoulders sway as if you were possessed.

    Music gets me higher than anything. Anyone else ever felt that feeling?
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I agree......about the first thing i do when getting a vehicle is spend even more cash upgrading the soundsystem. i honestly don't listen to a lot of music at home, but I love driving, and music is a must. Some people see having a good car audio system as something only kids are interested in.....not true. i'm damnn near 30, and I can't stand listening to a pathetic factory system more than a week before i start doing something about it. I don't just want to hear music, I want to FEEL it. Music is one of the few things I can never get enough of. While I have friends who seem to listen to the same old bands forever, I'm constantly expanding what I'm listening to, randomly downloading anything I see that sparks my interest.
  3. cepheus

    cepheus New Member

    i know what you mean, sometimes it cant get loud enough. however if the music is clear and hits in the right spots it can be better than pure volume. one of my buddy's uncles is the founder and owner of a major car audio store chain in the southwest, and this guy (my friend) knows how to put together a killer system. every time I ride in any of his vehicles the sound is perfect. I cruise around with him and enjoy sound better than a live concert. when the base rumbles just right from underneath and the trebles hit perfectly from all around, to the point where the music feels just as good as it sounds, it really takes one to another world.
  4. XT Dream

    XT Dream Jr. Member

    "Music can never be loud enough to our hearts."
  5. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    I hear ya.
    Hell, I'm nearly 40, and that's what I'm doing to my truck right now. :laugh:
  6. needgreen

    needgreen New Member

    you are right about sound. i am over 50 and still enjoy loud music. car stereo around 250 watts (i dont want to shake the bolts loose on my new car). the good 1 is my home stereo. i play in a band and have it hooked up to my p.a. system. this pushes 3500 watts (1750 per side). cant go over 2-3 in my house without cracking the plaster. but enough to play loud in a small arena. crystal clear sound though. i am sure glad i have good neighbours.
  7. k20

    k20 New Member

    Not for me... yesterday I was with some kids smokin and cruisin and just couldn't keep a high when the system was turned up to 28-30 when 4 is what I would have it on to hear it. The vibrations from the subs was kinda cool. I tried to relax and enjoy it but I just couldn't... and was high no more. It's just too loud for me, I can feel my ear drums or tubes or whatever vibrating and made my head hurt.
  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    I know exactly what your saying, it's just a buzz kill if you ask me. I like my music loud...I play drums...but those subs blasting your ears off is to much for me.
  9. IGemini

    IGemini [?]

    Yeah, I was in the back of the car of a friend smoking up, and they decided to play Alice Cooper. It's a simple setup (couldn't have been more than a 30W amp to a 200W single's a compact), but the bass shook through the back of the seat and massacred my high. The bass was strong enough that I couldn't feel myself breathe. It was one of the more unpleasant things I've experienced.

    My ears are pretty sensitive to bass frequency. In the grand scheme of things, the bass level on any sound setup I have is comparatively low. I'm a real audiophile and much more about quality of sound than volume. Give me a good set of Bose or Sennheiser headphones over a system in the kW range.
  10. hiqualitysandw

    hiqualitysandw New Member

    a set of bose? you're no audiophile!
  11. IGemini

    IGemini [?]

    You're right, I guess I'm not...</sarcasm>

    Do please take your asinine comments elsewhere lest you actually add something constructive.
  12. hiqualitysandw

    hiqualitysandw New Member

    it was a constructive comment, if you take in to consideration it corrected your use of a word.

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