Jerry G or Sec what you guys think about this hair follicle cleansing method

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    I saw this method below on another forum, what do you guys think about it? I am especially curious about leaving conditioner in your hair and letting it just dry without rinsing it out, would that cause the test to fail? This guys seems very confident about the method and hes not selling anything in the post (I did not edit anything out). Your thought are appreciated!!

    I needed to pass a hair test for pre-employment; I was using drugs constantly.

    The detox shampoo (Zydot shampoo offered by Testclear) was used; however I included several other methods in addition to the shampoo and in the end I came up with negative results in all panels which was conducted by psymedics corp.

    This is what I did to pass the hair test (and I had been using Amphetamines, Xanax, and Opiates regularly). My methods to prepare for the test were as follows:

    1) I got my entire hair colored (not bleached) but just a lighter shade of light brown (barely noticible) by a hair salon. I made sure to have them cut my hair so that it was only just about 1 inch or so-my hair was already somewhat short so it wouldn't of looked suspicious having it cut below the 1.5 inch length requirement (they need 1.5 inches of hair so that they can go back and trace up to 90 days prior).

    IMPORTANT: Psymedics can and will try to collect hair samples from under your armpits, chesthair, armhair, leghair, and in some cases even pubic hair (all of which can detect much longer than the 90 days per 1.5 inches in length as you head hair does-I was told by the lady conducting the test that if I had even 3/4 inch of hair in my armpits, legs, arms, or elsewhere it could detect as far back as 120+ days). So be sure to shave armpits, chest, legs, etc. I bought an electric hair clipper and shaved down to approx. 1/8 inch all over my body in which hair can grow as to not look suspicious. It merely appeared as if I was a very groomed person who was self-consious of having a overly hairy body, etc. Since I didn't shave down completely bare it was effective as to not look like I was trying to purposely rig the hair test. As a result they had no other option but to take hair from my head which was approx. 1 inch long (this will give them only 60 days of history vs. the required 90 days) This wasn't an issue when tested-they just took my head hair due to lack of body hair elsewhere.

    2) I then used a method that included mixing clorox bleach; hydrogen peroxide and VO5 Shampoo (WITH ALOE).

    Ingredients that I used to Pass a Hair Drug Test

    VO5 shampoo W/ ALOE
    VO5 shampoo W/ ALOE is the recommended shampoo for beginning the hair cleansing process. You will need 1.5 ounces of VO5 shampoo.

    Clorox bleach
    The bleach will help to strip drug and drug metabolites from your hair. You will need 1 teaspoon of Clorox bleach.

    Hydrogen peroxide
    The hydrogen peroxide will help to strip drug and drug metabolites from your hair. You will need 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

    I mixed all together (1 tsp of Clorox bleach; 1 tsp of Hydrogen peroxide and 1.5 ounces of VO5 shampoo W/ ALOE) and used as a shampoo.

    First lather hair thoroughly with mixture-let sit in hair for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat these steps 2 more times. When done correctly you will have had this mixture in your hair for an overal total of 15 minutes. Don't worry, this will not be enough time for your hair to be bleached. It will not change the color of your hair-so don't cut corners and have it sit in your hair for anytime less than 5 min intervals. You may feel a tingling sensation but stick to exactly 5 mins per washing.

    What this will do when completed correctly is that it will chemically alter your hair (will destroy fibers in the hair that are necessary to detect toxins and destroy all drug metabolites in your hair folicles) in a way that will make it impossible to get a reading when the actual testing is conducted.

    3) Purchased Zydot Shampoo (entire package).
    Follow the directions exactly.

    4) The last step (and in my opinion the most important step) I did was after I washed with the Zydot shampoo system exactly as directed, I lathered my hair with conditioner (any brand will do) and DID NOT rinse it out. I left it in to air dry.

    Hair conditioner
    The conditioner will be applied and left on your hair after you've cleaned it with the shampoo, bleach and peroxide; and after you shampoo with Zydot Shampoo package. The conditioner will contaminate the solution when the laboratory is processing your sample, and will cause your test to be negative.

    What this does is it will contaminate the testing of your hair (with utmost certainty). The conditioner will currupt the testing resulting in a negative in all panels that are tested.

    Between the coloring of my hair, cutting my hair to 1 inch (not allowing them to collect the required 1.5 inches needed to go back 90 days), using the bleach/hydrogen peroxide/VO5 Shampoo w/ALOE method, also using the Zydot hair shampoo system offered by testclear, and finally a thorough lathering of conditioner that was NOT rinsed off and let to air dry, I came back with neagative results in all panels. And I am a heavy user of all drugs mentioned above.

    This is a full proof way to beat a hair test for pre-employment.


    If you have longer hair...don't worry about cutting it short. Just double up on the clorox bleach/hydrogen peroxide/VO5 Shampoo with ALOE mixture so you have enough to completely saturate your hair entirely for the three 5 minute intervals.

    And be SURE to completely condition your hair and not rinse it out (let air dry). That is the last and FINAL thing you need to do.

    In my opinion these 2 steps are the MOST important of the methods I used. The mixture will destroy the fibers inside the hair folicle most certainly, but the conditioner will curropt the test all together.

    You will be way you will test positive. I've had several friends of mine that had longer hair and didn't cut it short and it worked for them flawlessly.

    Good luck and don't'll be just fine. This is a proven way to beat a hair test as I have done it twice and 5 of my friends have done it and they all passed.
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    It's been here before. Lots of bullshit. No success by others reported.
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    Jerry G need your advice took hair test with armpit hair today 07/26/2011 for really good company. I haven't smoked since October 2010 no prep was done on hair. Should I be worried and they also took a urine test to. I'm new to site and my screen name is msvw. Please help out I will post the results of my test at later time.

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