jobs that don't drug test

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Grandpa Phil, May 20, 2009.

  1. Grandpa Phil

    Grandpa Phil New Member

    If any one knows any companies or jobs that don't EVER drug test can you tell me? I might want to a job over the summer that's why i want to know. :)
  2. r011u123y35

    r011u123y35 New Member

    Most fast food restaurants don't. At least, I think. I know that mine doesn't, and most of the lower end chains (MCD's and BK, stuff like that) don't.
  3. ditto28

    ditto28 New Member

    Well i can tell you don't take a job with Kraft (the food distributor) cause i did.And am now going through hell and a hand basket.Gotta get a Hair Follicle Test done and am only a few days away from failing my drug test cause there just doesn't seem to be enough time for me to get clean :(

    Good luck to you sir......
  4. nowlight

    nowlight New Member

    Work in a real kitchen, most of the cooks and floor staff have/do use pot. Most of them have or use off topic stuff.
  5. Ellisisking

    Ellisisking New Member

    i lifeguard for a public pool and they do not drug test. i think its kinda ironic, if theres one job where you want your employees to be sober its being a lifeguard
  6. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    I'm getting paid to reply to this right now. Why?

    Because I work at a hotel, 3rd shift, night audit. It's a great job. Hell, most nights I could smoke up right here and no one would ever know because I work alone at night, and that's how most hotels are.

    You usually get paid a little bit more starting out because it is a night job, plus you usually get internet access too. At one job I just had to go into the history every night and delete some things, but this one doesn't seem to give a fuck.

    Hotels are awesome.
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  7. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    I'm working at a girl scout camp as a counselor, haha. If that isn't irony then I don't know what is. By your name I don't think you're a girl though, but try camps!
  8. kakaman81

    kakaman81 New Member

    Whole Foods doesn't drug test and they have great benefits. Some other grocery stores drug test which is crazy. I know someone who works at another grocery store where they were required to get pre-employment hair tests!

    A freaking hair test to work at a grocery store! Those things aren't cheap either. I'm sure the store executives groan a bit whenever they see how much money is dumped to drug testing.

    I think they should use impairment testing instead.
  9. Bomberking666

    Bomberking666 New Member

    I caddy and I have never taken a drug test
  10. Grandpa Phil

    Grandpa Phil New Member

    Thanks everyone :). Great ideas. Just a thought but, i wonder if businesses will stop drug testing if they're so expensive due to the economy. That would be awsome!
  11. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    most fast food; arby's, mcd's, burger king, subway, taco bell.

    one of my friends works are this diner/family restaurant, & almost everyone that works there smokes. haha, this bosses husband actually grows & has an "under the table" thing going on with the workers.
  12. cthcforlife

    cthcforlife Sr. Member

    No good luck to you sir with the hair test. I can tell you from experiance, I had 2 of them done at 1 job, the first to get the job and the second around a year later...passed the 1st n failed the 2nd...I used a method I found on the just sucks not passing n bein escorted out...but on a lighter note I am in tech support now and they do not test but it is a smaller business

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