Joint roller - which ones actually work??

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by MonarchX, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    I gotta agree with Feedyourhead. The dollar method is the way to go. Take it from someone who started out using 3 or 4 papers and 20 minutes to get one half assed, poor burning J. Gradually it did get a bit better until I tried rolling with a bill. First one was sad but the second one was near perfect and it's been that way since. It now takes me longer to load up the paper than it does to roll one up. AND, as an added bonus, it's one less piece of paraphernalia you have to hide.
  2. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    OOPS doubled that one. My bad.
  3. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I have always thought rollers are unnecessary, another object to carry, and cheating. Personally in my circle o friends where 99% of what we smoke are joints to be able to roll your own joint is considered necessary. If you can't roll too well try using a credit card to tuck the paper under.
  4. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Not exactly unnecessary, just a crutch...
    If you plan on carrying around the roller everywhere you go, than yes it is unnecessary. I hated the days I had to carry that thing around because I couldn't roll well.
    But some people aren't that good with their hands. Or some people are simply too lazy that day to roll up 5 joints by hand quick if you're prerolling them. Or you have friends that don't know how to roll and you don't feel like rolling all the weed that day. Trust me, I love rolling up a nice doobie but it gets old if you're with friends rolling joint after joint. Sometimes people say to break out the roller out of pure laziness.
    There's nothing wrong with it, but it helps tremendously to learn freehand. I still have a little trouble keeping the weed in the ends of my joint but its only a small problem that takes a few seconds to fix.
  5. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I understand what your saying but in my group of friends we, unofficially, think that "the day I can't roll its the day I stop smoking it",
  6. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    That's the day you buy a pipe. :chokin:
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  7. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    True, but we tend to move about a bit and the idea of getting charged for a pipe annoys me, similarly I much prefer passing a joint to passing a pipe and having to re-fill it all the time. Having bought 2 pipes and a bong which rarely, if ever, get used its DOOBIE TIME!
  8. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    I use the dollar bill method for blunts cause I like rolling fat ones but I never seem to get them good, for joints i roll thin long ones, just use your fingers. honestly i could never roll a great joint til a few days ago, there would be the occasional masterpiece but once you learn how to get the tuck in its really easy. I also gotta thank hashishi for telling me about the reverse roll cause for the past 2 days i've rolled about 6 thin joints doing it and they smoke amazing.
  9. got_weed?

    got_weed? New Member

    yea im new to rolling joints i usually just make a homade bong when im gonna smoke but i just started and i rolled 2 joints so far and the first one was really good it didnt go to fast or to slow it was just right!!!! and the second one i havnt smoked yet i plan on smokin it wit my friends tomorrow!!!
  10. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    how do rollers work anyway?
  11. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    That is my ONLY problem with rolling joints. Keeping the weed in the ends of it. Just can't seem to keep it in the ends. So I just usually twist up the empty/loose ends and trim them down to where the weed starts with these scissors I have on my little swiss army knife. Joint is a little shorter, but it's just so much easier to cut those small little ends off.
  12. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Have any of you tried using a rolling mat, its like a table mat made of thin bamboo sticks, I've tried to use them and always fuck it up but I've seen people roll fantastic joints with them. They all say its really easy.

  13. lxcarnagelx

    lxcarnagelx New Member

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame] , i got that 1, its nice
  14. Freshness420

    Freshness420 Sr. Member

    My friend used to have one of those automatic joint rollers. Personally I have begun to try my hand at rolling and I like to do it myself. While I am not too good at it I am improving. I rolled my first joint that stayed lit the whole time and burned nicely. The art of rolling must live on so don't use automatic ones lol viva la rolling revolution!
  15. willyro12

    willyro12 New Member

    I know this is kinda off topic... but why do ppl still smoke joints when it wastes more weed than a pipe does?
  16. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    Because there is something about smoking a joint that is fun, like passing it around a circle, and because the smoke is smooth. it depends on the situation, if im chillin around a campfire theres nothin better than a good blunt or joint. If im trying to be secret in a garage or something then a pipe is awsome, and it saves weed. i can simply blow the smoke out the window, so its just personal prefference, efficiancy is not allways the name of the game
  17. BigColdMartini

    BigColdMartini New Member

    Same here. It was between 5-10 US dollars and it works fine. Only complaint is that I should have gotten something bigger.
  18. Crosiss

    Crosiss New Member

    [ame=""]YouTube- How to roll a cigarette with Premier Supermatic Excel[/ame]

    more like stuff
  19. Crosiss

    Crosiss New Member

    [ame=""]YouTube - Quick Backroll Joint.[/ame]

    ever sinced i learn this its the only way i do it!

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