Joint rollers?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Smokey McBongwater, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    So i found an oldschool joint roller from my moms smoking days, But i cant find out how to work the bastard. It has two little plastic spindles wrapped in a rubbery thing. I cant find out how this thing rolls J's. It looks exactly like every other roller ive seen. So how do i use a roller.

    I Can't roll and frankly i dont give a shit joints are nice but fuck wasting 5 minutes to roll a shitty J that burns hella fast and wastes half the weed, when I can load a bowl and be high in less then a minute. Rolling just seems to oldschool when i have the option to load a bong, bubler, or pipe.

    Ironically a joint is my prefered smoking method.
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  2. Brad420

    Brad420 Sr. Member

    I'll be honest with you, Those cigarette rollers roll bigger joints, Which a bigger joint wouldn't be necessary when you could use half of the weed in a pipe or bong and be as high...

    Whatever floats your boat dude...
  3. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    What the fuck? Am i just high or you being condesending? I know those ciggerette rollers roll big joints, Thats the point. only like 10% of hand rolled joints are as good as the ones rolled by a machine. Learning how to roll joints just isn't on my priority list, no need to be a douche about it.
  4. Brad420

    Brad420 Sr. Member

    I'm pretty sure I'm not being condescending, I was stating the obvious, Take a pill man, smoke some more weed.
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  5. MahiMahy

    MahiMahy New Member

    You guys both need to think, just cause they roll bigger joints doesnt mean it uses more weed to get you high, then learn to roll with not the same amount of weed used in the roller, Theres no way machine joints are taht much better then human rolled joints, a pro and even amateur can roll good joints that barely waste. Bowls dont get you higher they just get u high quick cause of the huge hits, But if u put that weed in a thinly long joint ur not gunna use more and it gets you as high just takes longer because its infailed oevr time so it just takes a while and different levels to get the same high

    In my opinion i like this transition between getting high because you can feel the difference every puff off the joint and in the end ur as high as the same weed in the pipe. Also a joints puffs are smoother and you can taste the bud, I use rice papers a bitch to roll with but burn clean and slow so u dont taste paper (Rizla Silvers).

    I dont know how to use one of those rollers so ur SOL from me but i beleiev you should leanr how to roll it takes a while to roll a joint but i like the process of breaking it up getting the peper evening it out rolling it and twisting it up and then the process of smoking is calm and smooth and everyuthings awesome.


    OH, and if you cant tell i just rolled up a rizla silver pinner and now im feeling pretty awesome so i gotta go clean my room seeing how this has taken like half an hour
  6. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

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  7. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    You wanna spread the rollers apart so there is a gap in the middle without a spindle under it, then put the filler in the middle of the rubber part and pull the two plastic pieces around the filler so that they're on top, traping the filler below and using the rubber part as a net, then roll the plastic parts back and forth to form the filler. Once it's formed, you slip the rolling paper and rolling it so it goes back and under (you want the gummed edge to be the last part to enter the roller so you can lick it, and you want it facing you). once you roll most of the paper, lick the edge and roll it down, it'll catch on the paper and roll a right joint.

    The one i have has that design but it's set in a piece of plastic holding everything together. I bought it when I started smoking because I couldn't roll, but now I hand roll them all. Personally, I find fat joints easier to roll than smaller joints or cones, so either way I don't use the roller anymore.

    You can also check out youtube and see how it works, basically imagine you're rolling your own joint, but your fingers are the spindles (with a gap in the middle) and the paper is the rubber part, but instead of constantly rolling the spindles to form the joint, you roll it back and ford with your fingers until its formed, then with your thumbs, tuck the bottom end under, towards you and over the weed so you can start rolling it up.
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  8. besthobby420

    besthobby420 New Member don't need to roll a full joint with a roller, you can put in as little weed as you want.

    When rolling with a tiny amount,a roller is actually the most efficient way to roll a tiny joint.

    I prefer to roll my joints myself, but if I'm rolling a tiny one, like with some dank, I'll use the roller because it makes it even throughout.
  9. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    When I smoke J's they gotta be fat. bob marley xxls all the way. Fuck that pinner shit.
  10. D.0.B

    D.0.B New Member

    the only way to roll a j without wasting weed is to go European and use a small bit of tobacco this way it spreads out the weed and it burns even-inly.
  11. spanksta

    spanksta New Member

    learn to roll a joint normally instead of using a roller xD
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  12. Brad420

    Brad420 Sr. Member

    On an other note, I was not being condescending, but you do sound like a real prick so you can just happily go fuck yourself!

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