Joints vs. Pipes

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by urbanASSAULT, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. urbanASSAULT

    urbanASSAULT Banned

    I recently broke my only pipe, it was a sad day in my life. However, I have plenty of papers in my house and have been dreading the trip to the headshop to get another bowl (I live about 2 hours away from the closest headshop). Is it worth it to make the drive for a bowl or am I just as well off with joint. Obviously it is more efficient to smoke from a bowl, but is the difference that significant enough to make the 4-5 hour trip worth it?
    Basically, how much more effecient is a bowl than using papers?
    P.S. I smoke every day, usually a gram sometimes two g's per day.
  2. o8poa8o

    o8poa8o New Member

    if you roll it right, then it shouldn't be to much of a waste, esp. if you save the roaches (smoke them mixed with bud in a bong <<< can be home made), dont try to roll really fat ones i'd think those would waste more, i know double rolling joints make it burn much slower but in some wierd way would that make it more efficient from letting less bud burn?

    personally i ussually only smoke out of homemade bongs and joints... thats %75 of the time, other times someone has a glass bowl, blunts, or a arcilic/glass bong, anyways back on topic, i think that as long as you roll like .7 gram joints there pretty efficient

    if non of this makes since sorry
  3. baked_in_SA

    baked_in_SA New Member

    a pipe would be better unless your super fast at rolling joints, itll save you time, and it wastes less weed, which is a great thing :D
  4. o8poa8o

    o8poa8o New Member

    how would it waste more weed if you roll them right and dont take to much time between hits? i personally like the satisfaction of rolling a joint more than packing a bowl... would it waste is in some of the ashes? maybe some unburned herb in the ashes? if so use a ashtray, see any green put it in the next joint you roll....
  5. shakoBuDz

    shakoBuDz Banned

    i heard bowls get you higher then joints but dont quote me on that.

    i like switching off my methods. smoking out of most things. (pipe, joint, blunt, bong ETC)

    i personally prefer joints over anything.
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  6. Fatpot

    Fatpot New Member

    in terms of efficiency, i believe bowls are more efficient, if u can, most efficient thing i smoked out of was a waterfall bong and/or third lung
  7. o8poa8o

    o8poa8o New Member

    i think the only way one could get you higher than the other with out cooling the smoke, would be if you dont inhale some of the smoke off of each hit, and i know a few people that i know dont like joints just cause they cant seem to inhale right
  8. dr.chron

    dr.chron New Member

    easy answer for me-pipes.reason-compact portable,easy to hide,and depending on the size of the bowl,packs a mean, powerful punch.
  9. voltion

    voltion Banned

    If you can roll then you got no problems. Joints taste so much nicer than bongs. Although if you're smoking inside they make the place stink compared to pipes. Another downside is if you're having a long session you would have to roll high which is when problems occur.
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  10. Linear

    Linear New Member

    Joint vs. pipes? Erm....peace! I like both.
  11. Haddock

    Haddock New Member

    According to, with a joint you get 10-20% of the THC from the marijuana, and with a pipe you get 40-50% of the THC. I'd definitely go to the head shop and get a new pipe.

    I always find that pipes get me higher than joints. They both get you high though, so it doesn't really matter. I'd just get the pipe if you want to conserve your weed.
  12. chip2004uk

    chip2004uk New Member

    if you cant be arsed to go to the headshop, why dont you order off the internet, ebay sell some pretty cool pipes. I got mine off there
  13. harle

    harle New Member

    i think a joint is much better then a pipe, and papers are always easier to carry around then a pipe :) and it's always more fun rolling one and smoking it... especialy if there are more people....
  14. SNOOPiiE


    Well on my opinion I would prefer a glass pipe, But I am very efficiant in rolling joints/blunts.. If I am going to roll some dank/chronic I usually just roll .5 of a gram.. Or if it is low mids I usually just roll 1/4th of a nickel bag..

    But you can't really have a battle between the two.. Because you get high either way, Unless you suck at lighting joints.. But I guess it's up to the smoker..

  15. harle

    harle New Member

    isn't 0.5g too much for a joint? i usually use 1/5 of a gram...
  16. voltion

    voltion Banned

    Then you make stingy joints, I'd say the average is 0.5 grams per joint. But it's all down to preference, some people prefer to make lots of small joints, some prefer a couple hard-hitting bigger ones.
  17. harle

    harle New Member

    why would it be stingy?
  18. imported_Craig

    imported_Craig New Member

    When you hit off a pipe you recive 40%-50% of the THC in the bud, with joints its more like 15%-20% so yeah you are better off with a peice.
  19. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Man you guys better hope Higher Logic doesn't see those posts about pipes and bongs being more efficient than joints... He'd flip! Start posting all these links to studies and ****... :D

    Pipes get me higher, I also enjoy the different taste of the smoke when using a water bong. However lately I have actually found a reason to smoke joints/blunts- wind. I like smoking out on my dock and it is almost always windy out there. I can't keep lighting the bowl so blunts work great in the wind. Also, you can eat blunts and joints if the cops show up.

    There are lots of pros and cons to each but if you are asking if the drive would be worth it all I have to say is: If the pipe is cool enough, ya the drive is worth it. Would it be worth it to go drive 4 hours for a normal spoon? No, but if you spend some money and get something nice than sure. I would drive if you are going to get something nice but other than that I wouldn't.

    If joints satisfy you don't worry about efficiency and ****- just get high and be happy :D
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  20. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member

    I don't like joints man that **** don't stay lit when i roll some hydro wit it. i even roll it fat to, still doesn't stay lit, joints are only good to me for that swchag crap

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