Jolly Rancher Recipe?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by CannabisCooper, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. CannabisCooper

    CannabisCooper New Member

    Well i am sure that some of you people know of the Jolly Rancher THC compound candy. Does anybody know of a recipe for it? If so please post it so i can get it!
  2. Rellsun

    Rellsun New Member

    omg please can someone find a recipe for this i love candy and i love weed!
  3. CannabisCooper

    CannabisCooper New Member

    Ima find this shit out dude
  4. Ell

    Ell New Member

    That's a toughie as candy making doesn't usually require oil, but you could use hash with this recipe, maybe some everclear with the oils in it as it would evaporate, not sure though:

    Home made Jolly Ranchers:

    2 cups Sugar
    2/3 cup Light Corn Syrup
    approx 3/4 cup flavoring (see below)

    Mix the sugar and syrup and heat to 250 ยค F, allow it to get to 295, as it's crucial for the candy's formation. Test with either a candy thermometer or by driping a bit into a bowl of cool water until it hardens when cool. Remove the mixture from heat and begin to mix flavoring, taste test as flavors do vary! Once you achieve the desired flavor place on trays lined with no-stick foil and place in fridge/freezer until hardend and then break apart. Enjoy, not sure how much it makes but you can definately keep some killer candies around,

    edit: seems to me that since flavorings are usually either oil or alcohol based you may have a way there, but ratios would have to be tested. None of the temps are too far off, so it could work I suppose. It's just going to take some experimentation to really figure it all out.
  5. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    youd probably have to use hash oil or at least hash
  6. Ell

    Ell New Member

    that's what I was thinking, as actual bud is gonna throw off the flavor big time anyway. I guess if you made your own oil based flavorings you could just use pot oil and then add flavoring ingredients.

    edit: just a thought, taking dehydrated fruit juices and adding it to pot oil with a whetting agent, or maybe pot oil and a couple of koolaid packets?? It might be worth the shot if you've got some oil sitting around.
  7. Lumiere

    Lumiere New Member

    I would really appreciate it if some one tried this out. Seems like a really good idea. :)
  8. Ell

    Ell New Member

    It would be nice as reserves are low at the Ell-house, maybe when I reup. It's just a matter of figuring out the ratio of pot to oil, as you're only making 2/3 cup of flavoring you can start with a cup of oil, as you'll only reclaim around 2/3 of it anyway. From there we need to know the ammount of candy produced from the recipe. That won't be that expensive and I could probably do that next week with no goodies in it. Afer that we'll need to determine the size of a ''serving'' to figure out how many grams we need in our oil so that tests with pot oil won't be so in the dark and no one ends up with diabetes from eating a pound an a half of jolly ranchers trying to get a buzz :)
  9. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    i love this thread
    just... i wanna get high off jolly ranchers
    and people just lend fellow stoners a hand coming up with a recipe from scratch
    it makes me happy :D
  10. Ell

    Ell New Member

    I did some digging and found this recipe on a medical board:

    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup*
    Food Coloring
    1/2 teaspoon flavoring oil
    Kief, Hash or Hash Oil

    As for how much kief, hash or hash oil, he only replied ''A couple grams of kief.'' Now, the Light Corn Syrup can be substituted for simple syrup for our friends in the rest of the world who may not have such easy access to corn syrup. The poster claims that this makes hundreds of servings, though I'm not sure of it at just a couple grams. Is it possible that it's absorbing sublingually through this method? I've heard that dosing sublingually increases the effect, for one reason or another, but never found anything to prove it, or atleast sounding extremely credible. Either way just a couple of grams to produce 100's of servings seems way too low. Interesting note, this same recipe can be used to make suckers as well. You'll just need sucker molds and sticks. I'm thinking World's Greatest Tootsie Roll Pops.
  11. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    there is a recipe in an earlier thread that gives a recipe using a tincture. it made like 60 suckers or hard candies and each one was a full dose. that way therems nobody trying to make up a recipe that doesnt call for putting hash or keif into it.
  12. ruben soto

    ruben soto New Member

    there is a video on youtube by THEKRONMONSTER called the kron monster cooks!!! seems like a legit way to make them

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