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Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Pothead returns, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. Hey, i know jon stewart was in half baked and all, but a lot of the people in that movie probably didn't smoke pot. I'm trying to figure out whether or not Jon Stewart is a smoker or not. He talks about it like it should be legal on his show, but I'm not sure since he doesn't write the jokes. Hit me up with your opinions.
  2. Comedy central is chok full of potheads. I would put money on it that Jon smokes, or at least has smoked.
  3. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    He's absolutely a toker. Did anyone see when he interviewed Chris Rock on the Daily Show? They both looked (and acted) baked as hell. Their eyes were small, but really really white, like they had put in clear eyes or something.
  4. ganjalova420

    ganjalova420 New Member

    oh yeah

    Trust me, Jon Stewart is definately a stoner.

    If you have ever heard his stand up comedy, which is amazing, you would know that a lot of his material is about weed.

    That's the whole reason they put him into half baked.

    Same as Jeanine Garafalo, or that guy who used to host America's Funniest Home Vidoes. Bob something.

    If anything, you should've seen last nights show, they spent a whole 5 minutes with all the correspondents saying to get high and legalize weed.

    Funny stuff
  5. MidniteToker

    MidniteToker Guest

    D00d, he's gotta be a toker

    Heh Jon Stewart is funny as hell... and if he doesn't currently toke, he definitely has experience. He's gone through a lot of weed related material over the years, and it's always very believable. The greatest bit was on the Daily Show, where they had 2 of the anchors debating Medical MJ.....

    Stephen: Tonight's Question: Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized?

    Steven: Yes

    Stephen: No


    it's not as effective in text form, but goddamn... that was hilarious.

    ~~Stoned and Loving It~~
  6. r0cketman420

    r0cketman420 New Member

    ganjalova I saw that last night it was funny as hell and I saw the rerun too all the while I was toking and laughing:) Jon totally smokes and I'd love to toke with him he's such a funny guy
  7. Ganjx

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    hell yes he smokes. his show has incorporated loads of weed related material as someone already pointed out. in one of his comedy specials he ragged on marijuana activists a little...but it seemed like a lost cause back then before 8 states came forward with their balls slingin'. as for geanine, i dont much care for her dry humor. but her appearance in half baked and the doob she smoked in clay pigeons have convinced me of her stonerism. theres another couple of stoners: those two guys from swingers. dave chapelle is a total pothead. i dont think weve even seen him flatters his comedy quite well. i think its pretty safe to say that everyone in half baked is or has been half baked at some point in their lives. the producers purposely made it so. thats what makes it so authentic!

    midnite - youre right, text does not emphasis the hilariousness of that bit. however, you succeeded in bringing the moment back to was very funny.

  8. Fab4Fan6

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    Another stoner scene Janine Garafolo did was in "Reality Bites." She was sitting around with Ethan Hawke and some other guy, smoking weed from a coke can, and she says "Don't bogart the can....MAN," and everyone started laughing. I thought that was a pretty funny scene.
  9. Senseless

    Senseless Guest


    Jon definately either currently smokes up alot, or has had A LOT of previous experience. About 6 months ago they did a story about NYC cracking down on smoking up. At the wrap-up part of the show, he said something like "you took away my porn and I did not speak, now you take away my pot, I can remain silent no more." He said it with REAL passion too!!
  10. maryjanie

    maryjanie Guest

    I'm sure a lot of the people who we say smokes, intend on keeping that hidden. Not everybody wants the public to know of their harmless toking!

    Just because jon stewart doesn't write the jokes doesn't mean anything, ya know? He either smokes now, or has smoked most of his life but maybe not now, who knows? His attitude is right to say he does, or at least a supporter of cannabis in one way or another.
  11. Ganjx

    Ganjx Guest

    yes, he is pro-marijuana...hes said so publicly. the question is, does he toke? i say he does. :chokin:

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