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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Skidrowfan91, Jun 19, 2012.

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    I was browsing Wikipedia and I stumbled upon the page of the Mel Sembler. He is the asshole who helped found Straight,Inc, which was an awful program that treated people like complete shit and many kids that left the program had PTSD and some committed suicide. Now this asshole is a Co-chair of the Florida finance committee for MITT ROMNEY. Romney elected this fucking piece of shit, waste of a human. This is another reason NOT to vote Mitt Romney. Obama is bad but Romney would be way worse.
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    I fully agree with you about Mitt Romney, he's what they call a bullshitter and wouldn't even know the difference between the truth and a lie if his life depended on it. He just tells the convenient story every time without ever considering anything but the usefulness of the story of the moment. Nobody, on any side, has any reason to trust a word he says.

    But as true as that is we can't afford Obama either. His so called "Justice department" excused and buried every war crime of the Bush era, none will ever be prosecuted thanks to Obama. In a single term he has been responsible for more raids on State legal medical marijuana ops than Bush was in his full two terms. He's not torturing that we're aware of, but that seems to be because he's taking few prisoners. The drone strikes are at a pace not even dreamed of by Bush and HIS order is that any military aged male killed in a strike is to be assumed a terrorist unless proof to the contrary is provided. Guilty until proved innocent and on no better basis than because we killed them. Obama, as the video I'm about to share states, is the death of the progressive movement in this nation.

    He's a Constitutional Law Professor, right? Well the guy that taught him, his Constitutional Law Professor, recently released a video which explains it briefly from his point of view. There's a reason why the repubs listen to their base and the dems don't. It's because if the repubs don't their base primaries them out of office or just refuses to show up and vote. If the progressives are betrayed by the dems though, they just roll over and take it, showing up again next time and voting for the same people who betrayed them last time. Unless and until they have reason to change nothing ever will change. Big business owns both parties and the only real difference between them is social issues which have little impact on finances and the markets so those are played to the hilt.

    So while it's true that we can't afford Mitt Romney, we can't afford Obama either. 4 more years of Obama will almost certainly lead to a repub after him and he might as well be a repub himself in most respects. That means 8 to 12 years before we have even a chance at a true progressive. But if Obama loses this next time that gives the dems 4 years to realize where the path they are on leads, it's just 4 to 8 years till our next chance at a real progressive. That only works if the progressives send a strong enough message that they are done being traded away for bad compromises though. Short of that, we're screwed no matter who wins.

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    Wow, great response. I do agree with you basically 100 percent. And I saw the video already on The Young Turks.
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    Just a thought, what we really need is a non-political entity who is basically a no-body with no personal agenda, no law degree, no political science degree. Just an average Joe/Jane-no-body with a reasonable amount if intelligence and a real workingman's background, ex- military so he/she knows the sacrifice required by war, a pot smoker, not one who "used to smoke", and someone who does NOT want to be president.

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