Just took drug test..used Magnum Detox..here is my story

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by MrSmokealothtown, Mar 26, 2012.

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    In 2008 I used Quick Fix Synthetic Urine at Kelsey Sebold Clinic (this is a hugeeeee medical place where I live) and I passed...no problems. I even had to reheat the liquid because they made me wait an extra day to take it. Now it is 2012 and I figured I would use Quick Fix again..BUT after reading a lot of forum posts on this site and others I was so shocked to find that Quick Fix has been failing people. Not only failing but I have read a few posts that say it came up Pos for THC (the very thing we all use this to cover up..wtf man). I also took a look at everythingurine.com which claims its real human Urine...I called the number left a message and a week later no call back. I called a few head shops in my area thinking they might carry this everythingurine.com product but to my surprise the guy at the other end of the phone yelled at me for being stupid enough to think anyone sells real human urine..he said thats a marketing ploy. By this point I was HOLY FK!!! what do I do??? I have a friend who owns a head shop not far and so I went to visit with him. He told me of this product Magnum ..green box with black and yellow trim....worked for him just a week prior. I recently took a 5 panel test using this product. The temp was good I know for a fact. I find the results out very soon. I will post a follow up when I find out how it went. The process from walking into the testing place till I left could not have gone smoother. Im seriously a nervous wreck even though it went smoothly. Does anyone know what happens if it comes back undetectable as urine? Would they allow me to take the test again? (its funny that after all my stress one of my close friends who is totally clean offered me his pee..where the fk were u 3 days ago????). I have very bad experience with these tests,..they are very easily screwed up and I have failed when I should have passed before and the other way around...passed when I was higher than giraffe pussy..its also seems to be a rather blatant slap in the face of the 4th and 5th amendment. ..i would have loved to get clean the real way and not worry however I just did not have time between getting an interview and taking the test to rid myself of thc levels...Any reassuring comments are extremely welcomed...Thanks for reading my story...<3 Smoke Tuff
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    Update: I passed the freaking test..i cant believe it actually..i went from being extremely broke and unemployed to making almost 100k a year...Hooray for Magnum Detox!!..Green black and yellow box....took test at Quest Labs...Done and fkn Done...Woot!!!!!!!
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    Congrats dude!

    I recently picked up a package of Magnum because it was a decent price and all I wanted was that 4oz bottle with temp strip. I have a clean donor so I am going to empty it and have them pee in it. Here is my question for you:

    What lot number was yours?

    It is on the upper right hand corner of the instructions they gave you. I want to have all backups planned in the event something happens to my donor and I actually have to use Magnum. What state were you in as well? Thanks!

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