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Discussion in 'Games and Sports' started by atucker20, Aug 27, 2002.

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    K1 Kickboxing Championships or whatever it's called came on ESPN2 tonight, man that **** is alot better than the UFC and Pride Fighting. There's no grappling of any kind only strikes...crazy wicked ass fighters from all over the planet...it was crazy. Every punch and kick is a knock out blow in these fights, they walk around half-unconscious in the middle of the round from a straight kick to the head.

    anyone else watch this ? i was blunted when i watched this btw lol
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    Kickboxing rules, I haven't watched it in a while but like all summer it seemed whenever i turned the tv on there was some crazy little dudes kickin the **** outta each other. thats when i got addicted to kickiboxing.

    TSN had a show called Canada VS the World, where Kickboxers would come from other countires (usually from Europe) and fight Canadians and im not sure if they purposely invited pussies or if Canada just has really good kickboxers cus they won about 90 percent of the fights by KO.

    The best part about Muay Thai is definatly the elbows and knees, i laugh my ass off whenever someone takes an elbow on the noggin and forgets where he is. spinning elbows look crazy too

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