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Do you believe in Karma?

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  2. No

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  1. rick

    rick Moderator

    Do unto other as they have done unto you?


    What comes around goes around?

    Karma - you either believe or ya dont.
  2. xxdr_zombiexx

    xxdr_zombiexx Leftist Blogger

    An easy path to keep or lose.

    To me, after all I have read on the subject, karma is like spiritual gravity - something one cannot really escape, but can influence. Being a trrancendental concept, the payoffs are ofen trancendental as well.

    Fighting the good fight earns spins Karma in one's favor; lving a lie and ripping others off - may pay off in the short-run (you might even become president) but that karma is working more and more against you.

    Sometimes the consequences are concrete and observable, like with Rush Limbaugh's personal implosion. He spent so much time and effort dissing two-thirds of humanity and when he went down few people were there for him and he inherited a lifetime of crow to eat.

    So many time the Preacher Man and the Bible Thumper want to tell us we had better be sure of our beliefs as a way to challenge what we think. The same holds true for them, especially for the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the world. Charaltans, liars, connivers all work tirelsessly digging themselves a karmic hole. This may be what is meant in the old Testament with "Vengence is mine" sayeth the Lord.

    The path is easy but avoiding distractions - like greed - and mirage's and tricks of other people is difficult. Sticking to the path might seem dull in thse so-called "modern times".
  3. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    My Karma ran over my Dogma...

    I think that life presents us as individuals with tests, and our good or bad actions in the given test build upon or drain our Karmaic accounts at the First Universal Intergalactic Bank fo Karma.

    Some of us are Wealthy with Karma, and others in debt wondering where those Karma bankruptcy forms are.

    Here is a situation that I love to use as an example of depositing or withdrawing from that Karma account.

    Imagine you are walking down the street, and the person in front of you pulls his keys out of his pocket, and with it comes a wad of cash, the cash drops to the ground. No one but you sees this happen, and you pick up the cash, no one is around to notice you picking it up.

    This could be viewed as a test of sorts, and your actions at this point determine how your Karma will be affected.

    Any action at this point can be justified, but what is the Karmaically posative thing to do?

    What do you do, give the money back, or keep it?

    To be continued...
  4. Higher Self

    Higher Self Guest

    That was very profound Doc !

    I couldn't have said it any better myself.

    Speaking of karma, I would like to elaborate on something I commented on yesterday. I got on a rant, and for the record, I do not want it miscontrued in any way that what I said was ment is a threatening manner, to anyone. Period.

    No matter how I feel about those I disagree with, I would never desire any harm to anyone. I believe all life is sacred, no matter how hidious some people's behaviors are...

    With that said, I would like to add one more comment about karma. Since everthing ultimately is electomagnetic enegy(frequency), Karma is simply an exchange of energy between two entities/systems. Polarity(positive-negative or good-bad) is a subjective perception of the perciever.
  5. kiolp

    [what happens happens
  6. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    I truly love this Poll, good one Rick. ;) Plus Karma to ya bro. ;)

    I have a suggestion to change the word Reputation to the word Karma in that feature of this system. I don't place it high on the priority list, I'm certain there are far more important things to attend to.

    One feature lacking in Guest comments is the ability to give you some +Karma in exchange for your wisdom.

    It's interesting how that idea came upon me as well. Whatever you think of it is for you to think, I know what I think...

    I went to my Control Panel, and at the bottom it had a box showing that someone had given me some reputation, it led here, and it dawned on me that the name of the thread could be better... ;)

    +Karma to you none the less Higher Self... :)

    P.S. I'll expound on my Karma insights even if no one bites, so someone might as well... It's all up for discussion... Lets chat... ;)
  7. Crob

    Crob New Member

    Nice poll

    Karma is part of a being/person. It is the energy you receive through others.
    Have you ever met anyone you could feel a true connection with... a particular bond. Some people call it fate or true self... there are a lot of ways you can describe those feelings and bonds you have with people you don't even know yet, but I like to refer to it as your karma.
    It is the inner conscious of your self.

    Your karma is balanced and changed through your own personal feelings and actions... if you do something that goes against your personal feelings... your karma will get a negative spin on it and people notice things like that.

    That is why someone like your mom or another loved one might know if you are in trouble or need help. You have a bond with them permanently and it is based on your karma.

    It is the uncontrollable inner self. :)

    Nice pick on the poll btw . I like ranting about this.
  8. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Whoa now.. what's this reputation thing?

    The word "karma" and the Buddhist idea of karma are misused so much. Like in the coke commercial. Karma only works if you beleive in reincarnation. Your karma comes from your past life. Your actions in this life affect the next. That's karma. I don't believe in reincarnation, at least not seriously. Therefore I can't really believe in karma.

    I do believe that what goes around comes around. In this lifetime. The more you act against what you think is right, the more guilt you have on your conscience. Of course, some have more capacity for guilt than others. But that guilt is nasty. It's negative energy, and the more of it you get, the less happy you are.
  9. GrooveGuardian

    GrooveGuardian New Member


    I knew some one would come and say something like that, no where in the Buddist teachings does it say you HAVE to believe in reincarnation to believe in karma. They do believe that good actions will be rewarded in your next life but that can hardly be considered karma. Basically every action you do will have a reaction wheather its good or bad depends on your actions in the first place. Im a strong believer that you will get whats coming to you, wheather it happens today, tomorow, a week, a year or even a decade, it will catch up to you. And oh yeah all you authority abusing cops, dont think your deeds will go unpunished... heh heh :chokin:
  10. mitchxout

    mitchxout New Member

    I like Helen Keller's succinct quote about happiness. She said, the way to be happy is "to do good." These are great smilies, btw. :thumbsup:
  11. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    Time to finish this one up I suppose.

    One could view the situatiion as a Karma payoff, and pocket the cash with a clean consience by justifying the loser of the money as having a karmaic debt to pay.

    I wouldn't squander my karma in that way though. Would rather generate a high from returning it to the owner. Adding to the Karma account, and saving it for when I really need it. Hopefully passing one of those universal tests in the process.

    Though there have been times where I have found large sums of money without knowing who lost it. Even keeping that would potentially drain the Karma account, while giving it to someone in real need would add to that account.

    Not that I have any real clue on the true meanings of Karma, that is just my theory.
  12. ilovemaryjoanna

    ilovemaryjoanna New Member

    Believe it !

    Believe It !
  13. Stranger

    Stranger Guest

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  14. smoking_joe_lee

    smoking_joe_lee New Member

    Isn't that a car that was made by VW on a Beetle chassis? You know, the Karma Ghia? No, wait. She was a singer and dancer popular in the 40's, Karma Miranda! Or is it the name of an opera? Then again it could be two words as in, "Can I borrow the kar ma? I have a date tonite."
    Then again, it might be one's fate; good or bad, here or in the afterlife, based upon our actions...naaaaa
  15. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    I like that. "Free Will" in a profound shell... ;)

    Now to connect that concept to the concept of personnal responsibility... ;)
  16. Suetaz

    Suetaz Seasoned Activist

    I thought I'd share what it says in my encyclopedia dictionary...

    karma 1. (in Buddhism and theosophy) all the acts, words, and thoughts of one life, supposed to determine a person's fate in his next stage of existence.
    2. fate; destiny; kismet

    karmic of, having to do with, or determined by karma: ...the karmic law...will be seen not only to reconcile itself to the sense of justice, but to constitute the only imaginable method of natural action that would do this

    How can I disagree with karma when I don't have a choice? It's another natural wonder like Mother Nature, neither of which we have any control over. Karma is a natural action that exists whether we notice or not, whether we believe in it or not. It's up to each individual to adhere to that natural action and work with it, rather than against it. Since I would never be dumb enough to mess with Mother Nature, I won't mess with karma either. Go with the flow...


    karma belives in you
  18. smoking_joe_lee

    smoking_joe_lee New Member

    tricky dick and karma?

    ;) Actually, bush is equal to 17.635 Nixons. I would show the formula but only those with a dual major of mathmatics and political science would understand. The digs on religion are correct as far as they go. The Catholic church, for instance must have turned many off to organized religion. They are comming around, however. Just a few years ago the Vatican, after a 13 year study said it was wrong to persecute Galaleo for claiming the Earth orbits the Sun!!! WOW!!! And don't even get me started on the cover up of molestation!!! :nono:
  19. Hall1bd

    Hall1bd New Member

    Not Sure

    To be honest i do not believe "what goes around comes around." I think if people wait long enough for something bad to happen it will, because bad things happen to everyone. I do think that pissing everyone off and burning bridges is still a bad idea, but i do not believe there is a cosmic return of bad and or good energy to the person, i just believe that bad and good things happen to all, i guess i believe in chaos. There are plenty of good people that get their lives screwed over, and there are plenty of really nasty people that live out completely wonderful lives at the expense of others. Of course living a life where you stab people in the back and lie is going to set you up for someone to do the same to you, but it doesnt mean it will (ahem...bush...ahem). Thanks for listening
  20. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Karma is proof the Universe has a sense of Humor :laugh:

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