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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by csmith1994, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. csmith1994

    csmith1994 New Member

    Equipment: kazoo, aluminum foil, thumbtack, pen or screwdriver
    Elapsed time: 1.5 mins

    Step 1. Poke holes in the reed.
    Step 2. Wrap noise hole in aluminum foil
    Step 3. Poke holes with a thumbtack
    Step 4. Fill aluminum bowl with weed and enjoy!
  2. csmith1994

    csmith1994 New Member

    Pictures to follow soon
  3. csmith1994

    csmith1994 New Member

  4. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    I hope your kazoo isn't plastic, that tinfoil bowl will heat up and burn the kazoo. Then your lungs get to say hello to mr. burning plastic fumes
  5. csmith1994

    csmith1994 New Member

    I mean thats what the foil is for so you dont melt the plastic.
  6. doougiee

    doougiee New Member

    You misunderstood Buds_. He is trying to say that the Al bowl will get hot which will heat up the plastic. Since the plastic is being heated, it is going to release fumes which are going to get into your lungs, which is not good for you. There are much better ways to smoke bud then this.
  7. csmith1994

    csmith1994 New Member

    It was a quick implementation. I was in a jam. I had bud, but nothing to smoke out of. I stole a lighter from the chem lab, made this, and went
  8. Sniperblackout

    Sniperblackout New Member

    If you are looking for cheap and easy just make a bong out of a bottle... quick and everyone has the material... There are some quick tutorials here and on youtube. Never smoke where you would be heating plastic
  9. xDxSxMx

    xDxSxMx New Member

    Personally I'd never smoke out of plastic and foil. Carve a pipe from a small piece of wood, it'll last, and your not inhaling any dangerous fumes.
  10. Sniperblackout

    Sniperblackout New Member

    True story, but using a bottle bong isn't really in any worry of getting you any unhealthy fumes if you make it right.
    Same with making a vaporizer out of a lightbulb. That'll help you save your weed and getting really fucked up for an awfully cheap price and small amount of time.
  11. WhiteWidow420

    WhiteWidow420 New Member

    Haha, i'm stoned right now and was just wondering. Does it still make the lame kazoo noise when you hit it??? I would bust out laughing in between hits if it did.

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