Keef/kief/kef/kif press/how much is enough?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by u2maar, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. u2maar

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    Hello ladies and gents, i have had a space case for about a month and half now, and i have recentley bought myslef a kif press! (ps what is the proper spelling of kif/keef?) anyways, below i have a picture of how much kief i have and my keef press (notice the different spellings? i really don't know what the right spelling is)

    ok, seriously, below i have a picture of my press and the amount of "pollen" in my space case. and i was wondering two things!

    a. if i have a little kief/kef/kif/keef and put it into my press, then add some more to it later, without taking it out (but taking one of the black cylinders out) will it still press together well so i can take it out after it's done?
    b. after all is said and done and there is enough in the press what is the best way to break it up?
    c. can i smoke it in a hitter? or is a pipe better? (i prefer a hitter)

    i'm new to this aspect of smokin, but any help would be greatly appreciated, you could even e-mail me at! thanks a lot.

  2. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Banned

    First off, you aint got shit man.. No offensive, but save more keef. You shouldnt be able to see any metal.. TAke a nug and scrub it gently on the screen, and it will keef it like crazy..

    A). why bother. Just keep it in your space case and put it in your keef presser when u have enough.... simple enough...

    B.) now this question Im having a hard time figuring out... The whole point of a keef presser is to compact keef into a disc that fits right over a bowl. so in essence u press the keef and just drop the disc onto a bowl. If your gonna be doin one hitters. Pack a small nugget to clog the hole in your one hitter, put a pinch of keef, and add a little bit more bud on top.. Think of it, like a keef sandwhich. Ill tell you why you should do this.. When your smoking keef, you should be avoiding the use of fire at all costs. Each time you torch your bowl, your roasting all the crystals on the bud. So if you torch a bowl w/ keef, it will all burn off, and nobody will get to hit it. What I do is I light a corner of the bowl. .. I think grinding up the bud, and then adding keef will work, because grinded bud and keef, will keep a cherry much better so you dont have to keep re lighting it.

    3) answer is ^.. But I think your wasting your time.. Dude grab a blunt... break some weed, and sprinkle keef all in it. Thats the real way to go out...

    hope this helps. PEACE,
  3. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    Ok First off, I don' think you have a space case, atleast from that angle your kief compartment looks nothing like what my space case does.

    Second of all, you need much more kief to press, save up for a few months, don't get impatient, just forget about it for a while and then a month or two down the road open it up and find yourself a nice surprise.

    Use a clean plastic straw to scoop the kief from the grinder into the press. Also, use a small straight edge to collect keif from the edges.

    Smoke it in a bowl/bong or vaporizer for optimal effect.

    I have not tried using a compressed disc of kief in my vapo, but I have often used it in uncompressed powder form and it works wonderful in the vaporizer, I want to use a disc because it will eliminate the risk of pulling the powder through the screen.

    I have smoked a disc in a bowl between 3 people. The Keif high is a little different in my opinion. You get REAL high REAL fast and the extreme high lasts for about 15 minutes-1 hour, and then you come down to a regular high that can last up to 4 additional hours. So it lasts quite long.
  4. mastagata

    mastagata New Member

    when smoking kief in a vaporizer do you just put it straight in the whip? no weed underneath? is the screen okay enough to allow most of the kief to stay in the whip?
  5. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I always put a thin layer of weed on the screen, Im not sure if it would pull through or not, but I'd rather error on the side of not losing kief. It doesn't matter what weed you use, regs or chron, you'll get very stoned from the kief.
  6. djeleveneleven

    djeleveneleven New Member

    another trick i learned to get a lot of kief is to put a dime in the middle chamber and shake it up.... if you do this for a prolonged period of time you will end up with much less then half of the weed you started with and a shit ton of fine powder at the bottom of your space case's bottom compartment in clumps. You lose weed but gain an asss-load of kief!


  7. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    it's kif by the way and you are going to need alot more than that, i just started working with kif but i can already tell you you need alot more, it has to bee atlest a small pile

    ok maybe im wrong i just looked at how every one else spells kif and they spell it kief so i guess its kief
  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Kif, Keef, Keif, kief...all the same. I don't think there is a proper spelling for it. This thread is from a year ago.

    Also you aren't gaining keif if your bud just gets broken up so fine it falls through the screen. This would add more plant material making the keif less potent.
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  9. V-Mike

    V-Mike New Member

    My advice:
    • get a kief box
    • get a small vial/bottle (preferably clear)(CHEAP, usually <$1)
    Now, once you have those, put your buds in the freezer for an hour or so, this makes the trichomes fall off easier. Then, put them in the kief box (the smaller the buds are, the better). Shake the hell out of the box until your tray is full of kief (no bottom showing). Put the kief in the vial, and repeat the process until the vial is full. One small vial (1.5" long by .3" diameter) of kief made me a one gram disk.

    One ounce of good dro should produce more than a gram of kief. To collect the kief out of the tray, I find that guitar picks work very well, but any flat-sided object will do (razor blade, knife, etc.). As for myself, I'm working on some blueberry blonde, should be bomb as hell. Good luck with your endeavors, and remember patience is a virtue.
  10. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Dude, dont do anything to make your bud produce more kif. You either need to get a spacecase, pollen sifter, or grind up more bud. You can use a little paintbrush to get all the kief from the screen and off all the teeth, it usually produces quite a bit. You need more than that for a bowl, but not a whole bunch more, unless you are trying to literally fill a bowl with kief alone.
  11. Erica Mungo

    Erica Mungo New Member

    According to the "Chambers Dictionary" (published this ed. 1998):

    kef - a state of dreamy repose; a drug such as marijuana, smoked to produce this state. (Also spelt as kaif or kif.)

    I seem to remember, another dictionary (don`t remember which one) or other book, said it was the lower leaves of the marijuana plant of lower quality than the tops and used by the poorer folk of India.
    I`ve successfully got in a better mood from lower leaves I`ve grown myself, even from immature plants which hav`nt had a huge amount of sun or extra lighting. Therefore it can be good for Seasonal Affective Disorder. I found I needed something stronger, good resin, to alleviate the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome though.
    I, and a doctor friend, think that the reason authorities are reluctant to legalize it is because it tends to make people feel randy, more often than not, which can be inconvenient; also some people can`t handle that especially if they are not used to it. Wanting to make use of a potential new medicine some scientists have tried to eliminate this aspect of it, unsuccessfully so far. Lets face it though, this is why, people who need no medicine at all, sometimes want to take it!
    It`s certainly a conundrum.
    Here in England we`re on tender hooks at the moment as somone in government wants to change the law to give us worse punishments for owning it. We`ve got till the autumn of this year really to send letters to them, I suppose, arguing against this move. I`ve got my thinking cap on.
    Oh! and cheers to queers.
  12. photokaty

    photokaty New Member

    BTW, the best way to smoke a pressed puck of keef is definitely with glass knives like this. While some people were right by saying that flame will burn all the keef without actually smoking it, putting it in a blunt or bowl does exactly the same thing. So when glass knives are used, they are heated enough to vaporize the crystals and not too hot as too burn them. :)

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