Keep getting joint lock?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Dgworld, Sep 3, 2012.

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    I bought my first bong. Its a three arm perc bong. Whenever I fill it I usually fill the perc and then poor the water for the base into the joint. I keep getting joint lock(in fact its in the freezer now) so I really dont know what to do. Am I filling it incorrect?
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    fill your bong through the top, don't pour any water in through the glass on glass joints. The water gets in between the male and female parts of a glass on glass setup and while sometimes it won't cause jointlock, it can occasionally. twist your downstem and bowl as you pull the out, this helps to get them out. also keep some paper towel handy to wipe out/wipe down your joints, little pieces of res and other shit can get on them.

    this is especially a problem if you have hard water because when the water gets in between the male and female pieces and some of it evaporates, it leaves behind calcium or lime or salt deposits that gum up your piece and cause joint lock. Id say to stop filling your bong through the joint along with the wipedown thing, if that doesn't help then it means the problem is with the glass being too coarse on the contact points between your male and female.

    if the glass is too coarse it can catch on the other glass and make your pieces hard as shit to pull out, this can only be remedied by buying a new downstem/bowl or a new bong altogether. you could try sanding the contact points to make them smoother but I wouldn't suggest this as im sure most sandpapers would be ineffective and you could just end up breaking your piece
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    Or just put sum vaseline on the joints, works like a charm. ; )

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