Kidney Transplant and Mary J?? Bad??

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Syco420, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Syco420

    Syco420 New Member

    Well, i had a kidney transplant on June 17th 2003... Just wondering if smokeing now and then (to keep me sane and not depressed) would be safe enough with all the medications i have to take...
    MyCelex 10MG - For anti-fungal 3 times a day
    Valcyte 900mg - For anti-viral 1 time a day
    Septra ??mg - For anti-bacterial M-W-F 1 a day
    Tenormin 25mg - for bloodpressure 2 times a day
    adalat 60mg - for bloodpressure 2 times a day
    clonidine 0.1mg - for bloodpressure 2 times a day
    K-Phos ??mg - for phosphorus supliment 2 times a day
    Mag tab 84mg - for magnesium supliment 2 times a day
    pepcid 20mg - for anti-ulcer 2 times a day
    prednisone 20mg - for anti-rejection 1 time a day
    cellcept 1000mg - for anti-rejection 2 times a day
    prograf 4 mg - fpr anti-rejection 2 times a day

    can anyone tell me anything?

    P.S. I NEED to smoke buds... to keep from going into severe depression... while in the hospital i didnt get any and by the time i got out... a few days later i was ready to die... i didnt want to deal with this sh|t n e more. till i smoked something.
  2. rebot

    rebot New Member

    with that list of medications, i would not recomend smoking marijuana. specially since marijuana raises your hearbeat and you have about 3 bloodpreasure medications?

    i would recomend you talk to you doctor about it, that is the safest way, just be honest with him.
  3. Jaycrills

    Jaycrills New Member

    Syco, a little off topic but. I have had these pains on my back on my left side, just below the rib. It's like a sharp pain, had it all my life but when I was younger the doctors didn't know what it was.
    The pain is almost paralysing at times. The only thing that seems to help is sleep. Also alcohol seems to trigger it.

    Anyway before you had your kidney transplant did you experience anything like this?

    Oh and to answer your question, well I agree with the above post, ask your doctor you don't want to risk it.
  4. Syco420

    Syco420 New Member

    I have been trying to ask my doc bout it but my mom will not leave my side and i jstu dont want here worrying about me... so far i have been fine, i feel great, but i am not pushing it... i am doing once in a while and jsut a little at a time... but thanx for the recomendations... will ask doc soon as i can. or i will call him some time.
  5. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Smoking it? NO

    Your medications include

    MyCelex 10MG - For anti-fungal 3 times a day

    Weed always even in the best of circumstances containes mold spores. Molds are fungi and your doctor specifically has you on an antifungal.

    I would contact your local AIDS/HIV group and find out if they have a suggestion for you. Speak frankly, unless you are speaking from a hospital bed where you might "get in trouble" for acting on your own self interest. I believe that some vaporizers can offset the dangers of fungal prolems but I am not sure which ones and how effective. Thes folks would know.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes and CONGRATULATIONS!


    Mama BUdz
  6. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned


    My ****ing god. Damn kid, your on a hell've alot of medications and stuff. -.-

    Im not on anything -.-
  7. Syco420

    Syco420 New Member

    Now i'm smoke alot again YAY!!!!!... and still doing great. So if anyone else wanted to know the answer to my question... it seems to be ok to smoke the buds. Thanx all of you for replying.
  8. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Glad to hear you are doing well!

    Hope you did get a chance to speak with your docotr about this though...pretty serious stuff you are on there.

    Perhaps we can brainstorme some ways to "get the parents out of the room to have a private chat eith the doctor"...Any ideas?

    cookies for the best answers ! :p
  9. kidknee

    kidknee New Member

    I hope you are still alive.

    First of all, to anyone reading this posting with a similar question: YOU SHOULD NOT SMOKE WEED AFTER AN ORGAN TRANSPLANT. There is a significant risk of getting a fungal infection in your lungs from which you can die. If this pot head is alive and still reading this he needs to stop smoking. His level of immune suppressants was really high when he wrote this posting and I can't imagine smoking on such a high dose of immune suppressants. If you HAVE to get high, eat it instead. PERIOD. The high is not as good, but seriously it's your life and infection is the enemy. Infection and cancers are what shorten the life expectancy of transplant recipients. There is some to debate as to what pot does to the immune system, so be mindful of that at least. In any case you should not be smoking...anything. Take care.
  10. kidknee

    kidknee New Member

    Seriously, given your age your doctors should have spoken to you about the risks of smoking, rather than just telling you not to. I was counseled in private before my kidney transplant about drugs and sexual activity, and you should have been too. This was irresponsible on the part of your transplant center, and on your part as well for not doing more follow up research. If you get a severe infection you could die
    or lose your kidney and then you would be on dialysis. If you had a preemptive transplant I recommend you take a look at the people in a dialysis center and see what a gift you have.
  11. mwl

    mwl New Member

    transplant recipient been smokeing

    ive been reading these posts on here i feel a little better about things, heres my story i see alot of people wanting to smoke for many resons . ive had a transplant for 8 years this year i got it when i was 18 i never once stopped smokeing my doctor even asked me why i smoke so i told him he did every thing he could to get me a kidney and ive continued im on 1000 mg of cellcept,2mg prograph,5mg prednisone,septra,5mg norvasc ,100mg atenolol,i has helped my labs drasticly i dont care what anyone says and if you still are worried listen to this my best friend (smoke buddy) for the last ten years. he has been smoking right with me and it also helps him niether one of us has it ever been a problem just with the law! also my mother a avid drinker has alot of liver problems smoking helps her very much. the reason they will deny you for a transplant is cause they perform a precidgure or perscribe a pill to do the same thing as weed. damn they use marinol for a appatite stimulant thats jus a weed pill its all a money thing most of the time my buddy that i was talking about above has other issues first in indiana to have a bladder reconstruction and had his leg cut off cause of tumors he has been in his best shape. and as it messing with anti rejection meds tell me what do they do? supress immune sys right? what does weed do ? supress the immune sys right? if any one needs any ansewers on this subject ill be happy to share my experiences aswell as my buddy jus let me know
  12. mwl

    mwl New Member

    whats a gift of a kidney,liver ect if you cant enjoy life. sure your alive but you cant eat and the side effects of your meds what about the emotional ups and downs its not that great going through all this and it is a fact of a transplant so whats wrong with smoking some weed if that is what helps nobody can say its worse than vicodin or morphine ur jus trying to get ovewr the pain of one organ transplant and soon ull need another trying to cope and if thats what they want you to do why do they make you feel like a junkie crack head? ive had my kidney for 8 years im going to do what works for me cause that how i get by.oh and the fungle infection isent that the same thing as being around plants? YES IT IS and the tumors: all transplant recipients have that chance cause of your meds they can do the worst things to you like prograph if look what it realy does its horrible but it works

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