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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by TheuserformallyknownasOT, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. im new to kief and just barely got my spacecase like 3 days ago. Im wondering how much kief you would need to get you high, like does it shoot into flames or does it stay cherried? is a powder. How many hits do you need? I got a twenty sack last night and i ground up most of it and got a little kief to start off my collection, someone tell me how many hits this is good for, if any or do i have a long ways to go?
  2. imported_CloudNine

    imported_CloudNine New Member

    Kief is a wonderful thing. Since you are new to it, you won't need much. Just remmeber that kief is the potent stuff off the plant so a little goes a long way.

    As far as the best way to smoke it, you are going to hear everyone and their mothers ideas on that one(hehe Vicki), but I say find out for yourself. I think everyone has a little different of a personality when it comes to how they go about their kief.

    I for one like smoking it in a small bowl with enough for just one hit. That way no one has to hit a half burnt/cashed hit of kief. Just becareful, the stuff can creep up on you if you try to smoke it like weed.

    It isn't gold though, just keep in mind that you can always make some kief if you have some bud, so enjoy it man, you can always make some more. Everyone who has a space case says its the best (place your price here) they ever spent on something. So congrats and goodluck with your new purchase, it looks like you already have some to enjoy :cool:

    C9 O ya and just remember, no one likes a kief hog!:D
  3. thats man, yea im waiting to share a bowl between me and 2 other good friends, so it will be just us 3, how much more would you say i need to grind up seeing that is a 20 sac?
  4. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    I'd say grind up another two 20 sacks before you smoke the kif with them; that will give you what you need to experience it with them.
  5. Blunted

    Blunted RIP PIMP

    While we're on the topic, do you guys mind sharing keif with others ? Or is that more of a personal thing ?

    I smoked some with a few friends & my cuz to try and convince them to buy a grinder with a collector, but no one wanted to spend the money on one. Yet they always say "let's smoke some of that keif shit" because they know I'm pretty generous when it comes to sharing drugs.
  6. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    I do not mind sharing kif at all, but I won't smoke it that much with people who don't appreciate it.

    I would rather smoke bud with them that they understand and appreciate and smoke the kif that comes off of that with someone else.

    saying things like "lets smoke that 'kif shit'" just makes it seem like something cheap, and it's not.

    Do they ever say, "lets smoke some of that dro 'shit'?"

    :rolleyes: I would definitely not give that guy a kif toke. ;)

    Do what I did to my friend- tell them if they want to smoke kif, buy a grinder and a bunch of weed and make it themselves. Tell them they will thank you in the end. He sure as hell did-
  7. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    When I got my new spoon, Orpheus, I broke it in with TC and C9. I shared several bowls of Afghani kief. :) I don't mind sharing, but I do use most of my kief by myself.
  8. imported_CloudNine

    imported_CloudNine New Member

    Did you just say Orafice? lol

    We sure did break that sucker in. That was by far the best kief I have ever smoked....hands down. But as far as TC...he is the reason I have a spacecase.

    I remember when he got it, he was soooooo anal about his kief. I even asked him to smoke some and he told me I could when I had my own...:rolleyes: So without anything more said...I went out and got one.

    The ironic thing was that TC collected his kief forever before even smoking one hit, and didn't even get to be the first one who smoked it. Someone who shall remain nameless (Karen) stole some before he got the oppertunity to ball on all of us. If I remember right, she scooped it into a celluphane(sp) and lost a bunch .
  9. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    No, I didn't say Orafice!! Orpheus damnit! :)

    C9 <----:whipped:
  10. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Ya, I remember that- at least it was her I stole a lot of dro from her back in the day... I'm lucky she didn't take more!

    And don't act like when I was first saving the kif I wasn't saving it so we all could smoke it... My brother smoked a lot of it but so did you if I remember right!

    And yes, Vicki made the best kif I had ever smoked either. The dro kif I had made before tasted like normal kif. This tasted like Afghani- I can only hope to be able to produce kif like that one day! :liplick:
  11. imported_CloudNine

    imported_CloudNine New Member


    You mean the d00d from the Matrix? I love that guy!

    I am Morpheus : puts on dark sunglasses and cloak:
  12. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    :rofl: Vicki... Such a Trekie! LOL
  13. Blunted

    Blunted RIP PIMP

    LMAO, C9 you're cracking me up this morning man...first the Daniel Son comment, and now the orafice.

    I'm sure they don't literally mean it as in it's shit, but it's just novel around most of my friends that smoke around here so they just refer to it like that. You're right though, it does seems like it's not appreciated like it should be.

    I'm def. going to remember that next time someone says that!
  14. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    It's just a very expensive piece of equipment, and people really can't afford it sometimes. What they don't realize is that it eventually pays for itself!

    But sometimes people just plain can't afford it. I feel bad for these people, but usually they don't seem to care as much as you do about them not having it. It's wierd, maybe it's because they truly don't know what they are missing owning one.

    Smoking it is half the fun of owning a SpaceCase... Imagine them running out of weed and having kif- then they might treat yours with some respect.

    Do that to them- wait till the weed runs out to bust it out! Then they will understand! How they talk or not- they won't ever call it kif shit again! :D
  15. Blunted

    Blunted RIP PIMP

    Yeah, bad thing is...they could all afford one easily. I don't know whether they're just cheap, stupid, or both :D
  16. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    AAAAHHHHH NOW I'm starting to understand! Your friends are the thuggish-type, am I anywhere close? Having fancy smoking equipment like that is well... Kinda strange to them. Just break it up and throw it in a blunt who cares...

    It's baller sure- but it's kinda like a nice bong- just... Preppyish, ya know?

    Sometimes that's hard to get over, but hey you can be really good looking and a gangster at the same time! We do exist! :D

    Your custom title should be 'ballin' out of control' though. Because we all know you are ;) Quick, if you don't take it- I will eventually :D
  17. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer


    You are REALLY asking for it!!! ;)

  18. Blunted

    Blunted RIP PIMP

    You're pretty much on point. Hell, most of em don't even own any glass pieces, so you could imagine how hard it would be to talk them into getting a grinder. I'll admit though my collection isn't the best either, I got one modest bong, and a pipe that was given to me by a friend who's in the Navy now.

    Ha, I'm not balling outta control yet. I'm actually doing pretty good at being good. This time last year I was chilling smoking blunts and drinking tequilla in Mexico with some real kingpins. It's pretty cool hearing "you a crazy white boy" from some real crazy motherfuckers.

    But yeah I do miss those days, I haven't said anything yet...but you guys won't be seeing much of me around anymore for a while. I'll be back though :D with more crazy stories and experiences to share. Wish me luck
  19. ZeppelinHero

    ZeppelinHero New Member

    Blunted... you willl be hella missed around these parts! i dont think the exclimation point does any justice to not seeing your posts for a while.
  20. I've put a few fat bowls and a blunts worth of Sweet Tooth through my space case so far and I have a good amount of kief. I may have to try some out tonight.:D

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