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Discussion in 'Music' started by bongwater, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    holy crap, when ur stoned u gotta watch the musik video for kings blend, by kottonmouh kings.....its like filmed at the 2000 cannabis cup....its such a sweet ass video..the song is awsum too
  2. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    i would love to see that, whered u see the video at?
  3. ToXiC

    ToXiC Guest

    hell yeah thats the baddest video of all time. i wanna find out how to make those tulip thingies. anyone know?

  4. Salvia

    Salvia Guest

    What kind of music is kottonmouth kings?
  5. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    Mostly rap, i dunno they could be maybe a tincy weincy bit rock but i doubt it, they rap about praising the god given plant :D

    if you want download some songs, Click Here that was an old thread with mentionings of some KmK songs.
  6. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    i downloaded a huge bunch of thier sogns off kazaa then burned was my favourite cd until i went out and bought their High Society cd a couple days later :D
    thier my new favourite band, they rock so much ass!! their little symbol is pretty wicked too....

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