Labcorp #799452 Drug Profile ???

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Motavated, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Motavated

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    Originally took a Quest SAP 5-50, which I understand is a 5-panel test. I tried dilution since it had only been a week since my last toke. It came back "diluted" and company which requested an employment pre-screen arranged for a retest. Decided to play it safe with substitution this time. It was at a Labcorp instead which I did today.

    Anyone know what the #799452 "Drug Profile" test consist of during evalution. Checked their website with all of the info
    but none of the numbers matched up. Basically, just submitted sample in a cup and that was it, but just curious what will be checked at the lab.

    I can't thank the people enough who keep this site alive. It is a wealth of valuable info which I found myself reading through when I couldn't sleep worrying about these tests. I think it is a crime for these agencies to invade the privacy of the American people and am angry that we are subjected to this. Anyway, thank you and I will post my results when they come in.
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    Not sure on the test # but if the temp. was correct than you have nothing to worry about you passed. Good Luck...:)
  3. Motavated

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    Thanks for words of encouragement. I just can't completely relax until I know for sure. Hang in there, yourself!
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    should've done that!!

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