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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Zarr, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Zarr

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    Today is Jan 24th. I guess I would be considered a cronic user. I smoke 1/4 bag a week on average. In November I stopped smoking for two weeks. Then Dec 4th I smoked a 1/4 bag of good stuff in about 5 days. The last time I smoked was Dec 9th (45 days smoke free). I'm 5'11" 220lbs. I do not exercise but seem to have a moderate metabolism.

    The few days before the test I bought several homes drug screens, "at Home" and "First Check". I tested at several times during the day. When I woke up, afternoon, evening, etc. I passed everyone with a faint line. I was able to take a picture of the line with my cell phone and see them, again very faint.

    To be sure I wasn't going to fail I opted for subbing. I used urinetheclear Natural urine. They have a nice setup. bag and heating unit, etc. I used this method before and it worked great.

    This is where the story goes south.

    I didn't feel the need to dilute since I opted for subing. When I got to labcorps I was asked to do the usual. Empty out pockets, wash hands, etc. I went in for the test and put the subbed in the cup. Well what I didnt do was check the temp. It was over 100. (I'm typing this out totally disgusted with myself). The tech said he had to call it in. I, of course, played like there must be an issue.. I told him I could take another one right now that there has to be some sort of issue with the test strip. (yeah I was desperate). He came back after calling it in and said they would like me to give another sample. He gave me a couple 16oz glasses of water and I sat and waiting for 30 minutes. So without using any diluting methods I gave another sample. I did use the midstream of the urine. The temp was good, of course. I asked the tech when I would know the results and he said within 24 hours. When I got home I immediatly took another test with my last home screen and again it was a faint pass.

    My thread doesn't have a question just my story. I had poured over these boards a few days before taking the test and have found a broad line of answers as to home testing and lab tests. Some pass the lab after passing the home test, other fail lab after passing the home test. Both claiming faint lines on home tests.

    I hope to god I passed. If I didn't pass I assume I'll get a call at some point today from labcorp. I have never wanted to not hear my phone ring so bad in my life. Every time it rings it feels like someone punched me in the chest.

    I'll update the thread as to me passing or not but I know one end result from all this. I have to put the weed down forever. As much as I love to smoke, the realization of what I may lose if I dont pass this test is unthinkable to the point of embaressment.

    Smoke one for me. To be concluded.
  2. Zarr

    Zarr New Member


    I still haven't heard back from anyone at the job or labcorp but I have some horrible news.

    I went and took another test today at a drug screen place. They did an instant test using "iCassette drug screen". I tested positive for THC.....

    I'm freakin out.
  3. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Best of luck bro. at least they let you retest.
  4. DarkR

    DarkR New Member

    im in the same boat as you... I tested myself once this morning... got a faint line soo im not too sure..

    i need to test today ahhh.
  5. Zarr

    Zarr New Member


    I gave my sample on Monday afternoon. I got the call Friday afternoon. I failed the urine test. They said I had 33ng. The cut off was 15ng.

    Is this a lot?

    I have read the list of products that could cause a false positive for THC. Does anyone know what products would cause you to have 33ng in your system?
  6. Zarr

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    I made a seperate thread for this but I'm going to go ahead and post it here also:

    I used three kinds of home tests. @home, First Check, and iCassette.

    I bought three @homes all passed with faint lines. I bought three First Checks all passed with Faint lines. I bought 1 iCassette, it clearly failed.

    IF you get faint lines on your @home or First Check look into Subbing or dilution. If you have solid red lines nothing to worry about. I WOULD NOT trust a faint line to those products. IF you can find iCassette I would recommend using those over the other two.
  7. niceguy

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    let me just say that i feel your pain and i think its a damn shame we have to feel like criminals and go through all this.
    My story, to sub, or not to sub? i decided to sub. i smoke heavy on the weekends and about a bowl of the finest cali green on the weekdays after work. i kinda stumble on a great job opportunity but a urine test is required. i find out on a tuesday there is a U/A on saturday. so i stop smoking on tuesday just because im so stressed out about it all that i may decide at last moment to back out of the ''smuggle'' because i would be super embarrased if i got caught. so the day of the test i feel really confident about my urine luck bottle, temperature strip and heating pad that i decide not to do a ''dillution''. i go pick up the paper work, off to the doctors office i go and i flip through the paperwork in the parking lot and the spots for a urine test are not checked off, so i figure im not going to get piss tested ill just leave this stupid bottle of fake piss in the car.... yeah, you guessed i get in there and they have me fill out the forms and say ive got a urine test coming my way.. so i say oh what the hell i already have a job no worry if i fail this thing cuz its too late to go back to the car for my magic bottle. so i give them a mid stream sample of my should test bad urine and it freakin passed! atleast to the best of my knowledge.he dropped it on an i cassette and everything lit up red and i started freaking out and he circled the ''negative'' section on my paperwork. im still in disbelief. all i did from tuesday to saturday is not smoke, i got drunk one night which is unusual for me and fasted a little because not smoking and all i didnt have my regular appetite. but the real test is when they call me to tell me when i can start. for all i know he could have switched it out when i went to wash my hands after giving the sample. its was a saturday and you could tell these guys just wanted to hurry up and get home. maybe i got lucky, ill update. but damn, this is stressfull we need to legalize it already were not criminals!
  8. Sbott

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    i feel both of you guys pain. I have been super broke WITH NO JOB - smoking with my friends just so damn stressed that I couldn't even get an interview anywhere. Well out of the blue a family member gets me a spot in THE HOSPITAL working in the ER. I have my urine test coming up in about 30 hours. I defiantly will be using the sub method - already have the Quick Fix and have even practiced keeping the sub above 90.

    Can we please legalize - im not saying this as the same stupid high school kid i used to be just trying to be a rebel. If i can't smoke to take the edge off then whats stopping me from becoming a full blown alcoholic?
  9. yea man i know this is a lot later in the year for a post but it sounds like you were tested with GC/MS for one reason or another and those test threshold for thc is about 15 ng while the instant "screens" (they're not truly tests Id say) cutoff are in the 50 ng range. sorry bro I just took a test hoping i got the temp with subbing right it was anywhere between 94 and 98 so im not sure it all happened so fast
  10. guitargirl1

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    Faint lines= bs

    I totally get what you're saying and agree with you 100%. I had bought 2 First Check test, both times i got a faint line, saying i had passed my test. It was another story though at my dr's office, they said it was a big failure!Anyways, do what you have to do to make sure the test is accurate, wish i had sent mine off to retest. I have stopped smoking, all together. I got too much to risk, having to worry about some dope that i smoked, messing with the good things in my life, it isnt worth that, at all. Anytime that i start to worry or to not sleep good, because of a drug test, time to give it all up.Im not a teenager anymore and a damn drug test isn't gonna keep me from having something that i want or need in my life, whatever it is (ie, a job, pain meds, whatever it is, it doesn't matter.Just dont think cause you seen a faint line, that ypu're clean. it doesn't mean shi%.

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