Labcorp test with Clean Stream Synthetic Urine: NEED PEACE OF MIND!!!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ems, Apr 26, 2011.

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    My first post...actually a repost bc or some reason it didn't go though. Any way this forum is awesome and I would really appreciate some ease on my mind.

    Long story short (since I'm redoing this):

    Used Clean Stream synthetic urine for a pre-employment UA. First time I ever subbed and it was nerve racking as hell but I managed to submit without suspicion. But now I'm freaking out about the potential of the snyntetic being detected. My test was at Labcorp and it was a split analysis.

    1. what is the split analysis?

    2. can synthetic be detected?

    I lost my previous job out of left field an therefor getting a new job and submiting a UA didn't allow enough time to cleanse given how much I had been smokng. Can anyone please give me some insight on synthetic urine being detected? What would be my best course of action if there was any discrepancy? Thanks for any help or advice...

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