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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by 5HIT, Oct 9, 2009.

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    I applied to work at Winn Dixie and they essentially hired me, pending my drug test. I managed to stall the test until this Monday (they wanted it this afternoon) Oct. 12, 2009. They're using Labcorp from what I can tell. On the paperwork they gave me, they ordered:

    PROFILE 1 [ ] 5 PANEL / PROFILE 2 [ ] 6 PANEL PA

    I'm 174 lbs., 5'9'', and I don't work out. As far as I can tell, my metabolism isn't awesome, but it isn't bad either. My last session was several hits from a friend's gravity bong and several from my piece on Sunday Oct. 4, 2009 (so currently it has been about 170+ hours). The stuff was pretty strong, I got pretty stupid, and hardly remember the night to be honest. However, I also haven't smoked since late August/early September, when I lost my other job (unrelated reason and finished my supply. I'm a casual smoker at best (a bowl or two, maybe once a week or every two weeks). I also only started smoking early this year (I'm 21). I took a First Check Home THC test and got a Weak Negative (only one for $15, what a rip-off). I've never drug tested before, so I don't really know what to expect.

    Basically... Should I be fine? Should I bother using N2's dilution method? What is 6 PANEL PA? How rigorous are profile 1 and 2? Does a weak negative still indicate that I'm in the clear?

    I'm a college student, so landing a job is pretty important to cover rent now that my loan is drying up. I'm quite inexperienced and I have done a lot a research recently, but I read conflicting information. I'd just like some insight.
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    1 time session and you should be ok. I would still pickup a home test and check yourself in the morning's first pee. Dillution is always a good idea if you smoke at all. Its just added insurance that you'll pass. I alwaus dillute even when I'm subbing just to be covered in cases of an
  3. 5HIT

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    Well, I got another First Check around 12AM Sunday night, and it came back a strong negative. With some confidence, I didn't end up trying any dilution.

    I took the test at 6ish AM. I went in and they took my info and then asked me to pee in a cup, but not to flush or wash my hands. Embarrassingly I couldn't come up with enough urine (45 mL), but she took it, but then couldn't get a temperature reading. Apparently I took too long. It was pretty yellow too. They definitely checked the temperature. Anyway, I then went and bought a Coke and loaded up on water. When I tried again about 15 minutes later, I had plenty of pee and it was much lighter yellow.

    I'll probably know on Wednesday my results. I'll post them for curious parties.

    I hope I pass.
  4. KillerWeed420

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    Its acyually good that you got to redo it. It should increase your chance of success.
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  5. 5HIT

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    I called Winn Dixie and the guy who was processing my application said I passed.

    Go me. Apparently a Strong Negative on First Check is a good pre-indicator.

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